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  1.  Simply, a great game!


    First of all, i'm only about halfway through the game but it's been so good, that if the rest of it is rubbish then i really wouldn't be that bothered because what i've played so far has been so great lol and i know the rest is gonna just get better and better.

    It pretty much carries on from where the first game left off, and all the controls are the same, only this game is so much bigger - you can actually fly around for miles and even set way points for youself, just like in Grand Theft Auto - but a batman version. the new gadgets are good, and it's very easy to get in to this game. The thing i like most is the fact that it's one of those games where you can play for only 30 mins to 1hr and you seem to get so much done, and go to so many places within that small time frame.. some games you can spend hours stuck in one room on the same puzzle or whatever. great action, great voice overs from Mark Hamill as the Joker as usual and the apmosphere is up to the same standard as the first game.. maybe better!

  2.  The ultimate edition? still no choice for 16:9 aspect ratio


    The prequals look like they were shot in HD yesterday, and the main trilogy has been polished up very well, however, EP-4 was made in 1977 and it obviously still shows in places - particularly the sound, i have to say that they definately didn't spend as much time on the sound as they did the picture.. but Empire looks great, Jedi is a much darker film, so this is hard to see any actual HD content and bright vibrant colours, but generally parts like Jabbas palace look amazing. the rumours are true about adding a NOOO to darth vader throwing the emperror over the spire.. and other minor changes that i personally don't care about. at the end of the day, if you watch this and your still not happy with it, maybe you just don't like star wars! the only thing that annoys me about star wars is the fact that even after i purchased a widescreen tv, i still have to watch these movies with the 'Letterbox' effect because the film is still wider than my TV. why oh why can they not just crop this film to fit a 16:9 tv. or just release new tv's that fit all these new movies.

  3.  Like watching a film whilst playing with a rubix cube...


    Not really for me.
    the game is basically just watching a film and pushing random buttons now and then. you get to play about 4 different people and theres just a lot of repetative motions for each of these people. walking is really difficult in the game because sometimes as your walking, the camera angle changes and so the direction that you are pushing the charactor to walk towards changes.
    I am about 60% in to the game (i think) and i'm finding it hard to pick up the controller and get on with it, but like most games i do want to see it through to the end. i wouldn't recommend it

  4. WET



    5 New from  £12.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.66

     Good for about 3 hours gaming.. but then Boring


    I played the demo of this game at first and i thought it looked fantastic so i added it to my wish list and now i'm actually playing it, i'm kinda bored with it and can't wait for it to end. it's one of those games where your shooting people in the head about 50 times and they just laugh at you, and then they shoot you once and your dead lol and there are 20 guys to kill on your own etc... take that and just increase the numbers for every level and thats the game! there really is nothing more to it than that unfortunately. there is some funny dialogue from Eliza Dusku (doll house) and the slow motion is fun for about an hour or so, but when it comes to the game play it's just too long and not stimulating enough to keep me wanting more, resulting in me playing it for about half an hour at a time - i might as well be playing Tetris! but hey ho, it's a cheap game which = a basic package. i think i'm near the end, and if im not i bloomin should be!!! way too long

  5.  Finally an album i can listen to ALL the songs, no skipping!


    Finally an album i can listen to ALL the songs, no skipping!

    Brilliant album, great guitars, great vocals, very energetic and heavy as F*$k. Foo fighters have found their perfect middle ground with this album, not too shouty, not too diluted.. just ROCKIN'!!

  6.  Crashed my PS3 twice in 1 hour even with newest firmware!


    Crashed my PS3 twice in 1 hour even with newest firmware! in future, if playstation ask you to update your system for a game.. push decline!

    However, the game does look good so far, i really enjoyed the first one as it gets the adrenalin pumping and this one seems like an add on to it. great graphics, great sounds, i'm really enjoying so far but the fact that it's freezed on my system stice so far is really making me nervous about future battles lol.. oh well.

  7. SAW



    5 New from  £25.51  Free delivery

     Good puzzles, But not a re-playable game.


    I really enjoyed this game at first, i'm a great fan of animated puzzles and a bit of gore!!!

    the game starts off good fun, but after a while you start to get the same type of puzzles again and again, and the problem is that they start giving you a set time to do the puzzles in e.g. 2 mins - 3 mins and if you fail to do this within the set time, you die.. which is perfectly ok, but when you re-play the puzzle again you'd expect to get the exact same puzzle!! Wrong! because you actually end up with a brand new puzzle every time, so you can't even pick up from where you went wrong on the last puzzle. very frustrating! and it really lets the game down. almost like playing tomb raider and coming back in a different room after every time you die.
    another thing that doesn't make sense is that your charactor can walk right past open windows and clearly see that there is an escape route outside, he can easily run off in to the sun set but oh no, he chooses to stay in this loony bin broken up building???

    other than that, the combat is very poor, i heard someone write that if you get hit first, you might as well let yourself die because theres no way your gonna win the fight.

    on a good note, the game is worth the money, it's got some fun and groosom moments in and it's quite good for a game based on a movie for once, the puzzles are fun dispite some of the latter ones being on a time to die basis. Only drawback is that it goes on a bit and if i was the charactor in the game, i'd probably want to die as it'd be easier

  8.  The lost and damned BAD, ballad of gay Tony GREAT!


    The lost and damned was dark, annoying and the charactors were weak.

    the ballad of gay tony is more like Nico ballack's story, fun, funny and the actor/ comedian Omid Djalili does the voice to one of the charactors in this game which makes it worth playing in itself!!! lol

    in the ballad, you get to do a lot of parachuting and helicopter stuff amd the dancing is great too.. well worth buying for twenty quid!

  9.  If this was an album it'd be OFF THE WALL


    If this was an album it'd be OFF THE WALL by michael jackson lol, it's good, but you know theres better yet to come.

    this was ok, took a while to get going but there were some good moments where he was on a roll. as i say, i think this guy is going to learn and get better on every tour but this is definately the work of a guy still experimenting with his craft.

  10.  This guy is just funny, therefore all material is funny!


    This guy is just funny, therefore all material is funny!
    and this dvd is well worth a watch