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  1.  Buy this recipe book...you won't regret it!


    I pre ordered this after hearing Jennifer Irvine had written a recipe book. She has a booming business in SW London cooking and delivering healthy gourmet meals to those who can afford it. A recipe book is the next best thing. I wasn't disappointed, the recipes are nutritous, delicious, colouful, gluten free and simple to make. The layout of the recipes makes them easy to follow and the print is a decent size. The photographs are vibrant and tempting. Jennifer explains her concept and now a diet no longer means I have to starve myself but I can eat 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks and I don't feel hungry. There is a 3 week diet plan at the back of the book and a useful glossary of the more hard to find spices etc and where to buy them online but the majority of ingredients can be found in any decent supermarket.
    So far I have cooked the apple and blackberry porridge, the lamb cutlets with roasted balsamic vegetables and the tumeric chicken. My hubby loved them, my children loved them, I loved them and I can't wait to try more!! highly recommended!

  2.  Disappointing!


    I bought this for my 8 year old who is starting to have doubts about Santa being real thinking it would be magical for him but he now thinks santa claus is dead and is in fact a ghost and wasn't impressed by the "boring" toys!!! I wasn't impressed with the weak storyline and poor dubbing, a waste of a fiver.

  3.  Great thriller...leave out the Mills & Boon stuff please


    I really enjoyed this book, great characters, chilling and worrying for poor Mary Grace and her son and her husband was as large as life & suitably horrid! This is the first Karen Rose novel I have read and I have just bought another and I am hoping the soppy, lovey dovey Mills & Boon type romance is much less apparant in the rest of her books as it slightly spoiled an otherwise fantastic read!

  4.  Ingenious!


    This book should not be underestimated. Mark Haddon is one clever writer...the book appears simplistic but is told from the point of view of a troubled teenager with Asperger's syndrome. As a mum of a boy with Aspergers myself, this gave me a fantastic insight into their mind and behaviour patterns and being written by an author who does not have the condition himself, is astonishingly clever and appears deceptively simple-but it is supposed to be!
    Brilliant, heartwarming and for me, also very sad.

  5.  fantastic book...right till the end!


    This is Alex Barclays second book, which I read before her first one; Darkhouse. I thoroughly enjoyed 'The Caller', great characters, great suspense and leaves you on the edge dying to find out more. The twist was really cool but towards the end, lost all it's steam and I was left confused as many questions were not explained at all and it just seemed to end quickly and pointlessly. Still a good read though and don't let it put you off Darkhouse which is excellent with lots of twists and a great finish! I love the main character in both, Joe Luchessi and would love more books with him in it, not so keen on her latest FBI character Ren.

  6.  Brilliant!


    I loved this book! the writing is superb and the characters are just so British...awkward parents stuck in a time warp, misunderstood grown up kids and hilarious goings on that the reader could almost see in their own family somewhere...a definate must read.

  7.  A meaty read!


    Now this is a value for money book. Exceptionally well written, full of juicy true life "gossip" from King Henry's court from the prospective of each of his wives and the period in history each belonged to. An entralling read for tudor fans and those who want to know more about this blood thirsty monarch's wives and their very different individual personalities. I couldn't put it down!