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  1.  Rockstar messed up big


    First thing's first, GTA 5 is a fantastic game. The missions are great fun and there is so much to do it hurts your head just thinking about it. From golf, to diving, exploring wide open areas, hunting animals to watching movies. I really like the character change system where you play as 2 or more characters during a mission.

    However, there is major flaw, the driving mechanics. Cars handle like a bad need for speed game. Gone is the heavy feeling, hand braking and sliding round corners feel of GTA 4. What you get instead are jerky, badly responsive cars that seem to hover around. No realistic acceleration or deceleration. When you ram other vehicles you either bounce off or stick - and frequently do get stuck between vehicles in a pile up. You can't force your way out, even if in a lorry. It's ridiculous. As driving is the main part of this game, it basically ruins it. I've been playing 3 days solid now and am bored. Rampaging and exploring are what i like best about GTA games, but because the driving mechanics are so awful, it's just no fun. Also the damage is just stupid. A head on crash at full speed hardly dents the cars.

    So over all, a great game but i won't be playing this in 4 weeks time, let alone 4 years time like GTA4. Very disappointed - how could Rockstar have messed up the most important aspect of the game? Is this why it was delayed 6 months?

  2.  One of the best games on xbox


    Resident Evil 5 is an amazing game. Even though it's been out for a few years now, it still looks and plays better than a lot of the new stuff coming out now.

    The gold edition is great value for money. It contains resident evil 5 game plus ALL the DLC (downloadable content) all for around 13pounds. It would cost more than that to download the 2 extra levels included in the gold edition. That's before you take into account, versus mode, extra costumes and other content. So great value. I sold my original res evil 5 game for 8pounds to a friend and brought this for 13pounds, so for just over a fiver, i've got what would have cost me over 20pounds if i'd d/loaded it all from xbox live.

    Now here's the snag, and the only reason i didnt give this a 5 * rating. Although you do get ALL the extras with this game. You get them in the form of a code which allows you to d/load it all for free. I know the PS3 blu rays hold more data so can easily have all the extra content on 1 disc, but it wouldn't have hurt to make the gold edition a 2disc game. I don't have broadband where i live but luckily my brother does, so i just pop round his and update and d/load everything i need. I know most people have broadband now but not everyone does. I think it is a bit misleading when you read all the "extras" that the gold edition offers and then find out you have to download it all. As i said, not a problem for most, but a real issue for some of us. Broadband is definatly taken for granted by those who can get it.

    Other than that, can't fault it.