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  1.  Not half bad


    I wouldn't say this was a forgotten classic by any means but it's not a bad movie and worth a look!

    Slow to get going and there's no real action scenes as such, but it is engaging and interesting. There is nudity but it isn't too gratuitous, mostly it makes sense to the setting. The special effects stand up ok.

    A thoughtful, slow paced thriller with small amounts of gore and a rather sad but thought provoking ending. Definitely worth at least one watch if there's nothing else on TV, it feels like a made for SyfI TV movie but one of their better ones and theres a decent cast of good and capable actors involved.

    I wouldn't say it was great, but it ain't bad!

  2.  Fantastic!


    This movie hits the mark in SO many ways, it is an excellent script, it is superbly animated, technically I have not watched anything this spot on in a 3D movie before, beats Avatar in my opinion, I cared about the characters and I believed in all of them, such is the excellent animation skills throughout, but mostly what I took away from this is it is the best representation of the real world facts of war that I have ever seen, and all this depicted in a kids movie, amazing, if we showed this to every kid in the world we would never have another pointless war ever again! Oh and jaw droppingly beautiful too, stunningly gorgeous all the way through! An absolutely wonderful movie, I sincerely hope it becomes a word of mouth classic!

  3.  Great fun!


    I've been waiting for this one to come out for ages and it's clear why it's been so long coming as soon as you see it, the 16mm film used for all location shots was obviously appalling quality, and most of the studio scenes have some serious issues with interference lines down the left of the screen, plus there's even an annoying dot right centre screen for most the first episode too (surely could've removed that easily enough!?) but as ever there's been a reasonably good clean up job on the four episodes, and the CGI tastic re-do version is excellent! The CGI effect of the time machine in action and the location setting shot of the 'City Of The Future' are the only slightly overdone bits, but the rest really works well, especially the replacement of the Dalek voices and souped up final battle scene, and it all helps make the story gel and work a lot better than the clean episodes as originally shown, IMO, but it's great you can have it both ways!

    The extras are great, loads to see, and it helps qualify the purchase regardless of the many insurmountable visual and aural issues inherent in the source material, and on the whole, well worth a look! Recommended!

  4.  So bad it's good


    I love this film, the best kind of trashy sci fi, some TERRIBLE dialogue and acting but interspersed with some great special effects and bewbs, LOTSA bewbs, so something for everyone really.

    Be warned tho they are STILL using a really bad DVD rendering that was made for old fashioned 4:3 CRT TVs, and on a new widescreen HD TV after you've stretched it to fit it looks pretty damn awful, you can literally see the pixels, that's if you can get it to sit right on there due to the unusual aspect ratio, PLEASE MGM can we have a widescreen version now!? Or even Blu Ray. I'd buy it! This kind of poor quality really is quite inexcusable even at this price!

  5.  Just like his!


    Very good repro very well thought out, and it has 2 'Easter Egg' noises that most product descriptions seems to miss, you will notice when you press your button there is a slight delay before the sound kicks in, during the time of this delay try tapping the button a few times THEN holding it in, I'll leave the rest for you to discover!

  6.  A classic 50s sci-fi, but not one of the better ones.


    This movie is of the more 'comic book' genre of old 50s sci-fi rather than the more serious thoughtful ones of it's time, here the plot is not likely to get your brain cells going, and it was originally released in 3D, but thankfully they didn't go mad with it like in some movies where you're constantly distracted by long pointless scenes of folks extending aerials out towards the camera or similar, this works just as well in 2D.

    The script is more than a little dodgy at times, some of the actions of the main characters just don't make sense, the male lead's decision to protect these hideous aliens who keep abducting and taking on the form of the local populous with only their word that they're unharmed, whilst they occasionally threaten or try to kill him, is rather odd to say the least, and the shots of the 'scary aliens' swooping into camera are quite obviously tacked on later to provide a popcorn throwing moment, and the dodgy one eyed alien model (ironic for a movie in 3D to have their main characters represented as having no depth perception) has an eye that resembles those sew-on teddy bear types, and looks quite comical!

    However, it still has some genuinely creepy scenes and even the occasional 'wow!' and the dialogue is pretty poetic at times, but there are a lot more unintentional laugh out loud moments, so it's not something you should take too seriously.

    The extra's aren't bad, the commentary has many interesting details, and it's worth getting if this is your kind of movie and you and your beer buddies have a sense of humour!

    But it's no 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'.

  7.  The One With The Giant Robot...


    and where Tom Baker takes over the role from Jon and becomes the longest running Doctor of all time.

    This has been cleaned up very well by the The Doctor Who Restoration Team who do these voluntarily and they've been very sensitive to the original in doing so, never over-doing the clean-up of the bad CSO and such (bluescreen to us non-BBC folks) so do be warned the titular robot's ankles do still disappear a lot during his King Kong phase.

    The plot makes very little sense but hey, there's a giant robot firing frickin lasers at the army!

    Love it!

  8.  Well worth a purchase!


    This is a pretty good movie, even if a few of the cast grate a little bit (although the ones that do ARE meant to!) and it does have a few slight flaws, mainly effects wise, but these aside I really liked it and have already given it some repeated viewing, and it stands up well. The basic gist is monsters in a mysterious mist and it follows the story of ordinary folks just trying to work out what to do to survive in such extraordinary circumstances.

    Excellent DVD extras here, just superb, including a B&W high-contrast version of the entire film and extensive behind-the-scenes stuff too, all very well thought out and executed!

    Thoroughly recommended entertainment all round, not perfect, but 5 stars 'cos of the price!

  9.  The One With The Giant Rat


    and some rather dodgy racial stereotyping!

    This is a real classic of the old Who's, great plot, great acting, some remarkable make up effects, some very creepy physical effects and lots of atmosphere, very Sherlock Holmes to the point of parody but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    It does have one of THE most cuddly looking 'monsters' ever seen on Doctor Who though and you will laugh, but try and get beyond that if you can as this is otherwise Tom at his finest!

    A must have for the collection.

  10.  The One With The Talking Brain


    This one has a very Frankenstein influenced plot, brains being transferred into bodies sewn together from parts by a mad scientist and such, but it does for the most part make it it's own and have a few good moments, although I have to say it is not one of my all time faves, a little too gothic for me, I've always preferred the more techno-babble driven space oriented ones myself.

    None the less a very good effort, and well known for the battle of minds sequence, and as ever the DVD is worth it for the extras, although for my money not so much in this instance, but the commentary is amusing.