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  1.  Go on, touch it!



    In a word, that is all you can say about this amazing little device. it is easy to use, has a vibrant screen, 200,000 different applications to customize it to make it your own! And of course, it's an amazing touchscreen iPod! All in this one, sleek, shiny product.

    Apple has always been known for quality products that just work. This is no exception, out of the box, plug into PC and ready to use in seconds. Its that easy.

    The back of device is a nightmare for scratches, but what gadget isn't these days? I would highly recommend this for anyone who has looked at it because you know that it has caught your eye, and you know you want one!

  2.  Excellent price!


    This is a very handy little card, and a great price too!

    Stores thousands of pictures on, which means you can afford to be a fussy picture taker and go nuts! There is so much space, you probably would never fill it!

    A few people mentioned that they only see 14.8GB of space. This is because of how MB / KB etc is measured.


    There are not 1000mb in 1gb as most people assume but instead 1024mb in 1gb. So this means that 2048mb is 2gb (simple math aye?) but its the way the PC uses to meaure it. So there is 16gb worth of data space on there, but its how the computes work out the space. I could say 100 pence you could say 1 pound.

    They put 16GB on the card because thats what space there is in MB.

  3.  Good things come in little packages


    I have always been a bit skeptical about buying an iPod speaker dock because I always like to have the best sounding music playing (be it through a hi-fi system or through my surround sound)

    But I decided to give this one a go to have in my room to generally just chill out to, and wow! I was amazed with the quality of it. The sound is fantastic, it really is. It is a lot louder than I thought it would be and very clear.

    There are 7 built in EQ options to choose from (bass is the best in my opinion as it gives songs that extra "omph!" as I call it!)

    It is also very compact. Its a small package but works very well. It looks very neat and stylish with the metal grill around the edge and the neat fabric grill.

    Overall I would recommend this to anybody who wants one! I think this will work very well for the summer in the garden for those BBQ's!

  4.  High Definition Without The High Price Tag!


    The TV has an excellent screen and the colours that are displayed are just amazing. The TV makes all your films (HD and SD (standard definition)) look amazing. The connectivity on the TV is also great and can have multiple items plugged in at once. The on screen menu is very easy to navigate around. The DTV mode (digital TV/ freeview also has its own reminder for start times on programs. It also has a full 24 hour schedule on all channels. The TV offers digital audio output which means if your cinema system/ speakers allow the connection you can have extra detail in sounds so every little detail is heard.

    As the TV is Samsung you can just tell that it is a great TV. The TV looks great too, the shiny black finish is also great because it looks expensive and adds to the overall look and feel of the TV.

    Overall this is a nice, great quality and affordable TV and is great for watching HD programs and films on. HDMI port allows you to be able to buy one of the amazing new Blu-Ray players too to watch stunning HD films on!

    To conclude this is a great TV and is definitely worth buying if you want to get into the HD age without spending a fortune.

  5.  Wii More of a Novelty


    Don't get me wrong i love the Wii, it's a revolutionary new product that doesn't just let you play games on, but actually get involved with the games. The game play is just amazing and like nothing you have ever played before.

    The console itself is very well manufactured, as Nintendo have a very good record of this.

    The console is also a very good price for what you get, be warned though when buying, the graphics are NOT classed as "next generation" but are more like that of the old xbox.

    The Wii is more of a novelty console and is just perfect for when you have friend or family around and is always an enjoyment. One down side to the Wii is the sensor can sometimes get confused and get very jumpy which is annoying when selecting items on the menu.

    The games that are for the Wii only are much better at using the Wii-mote.

  6.  Tasty Apple Product


    The iPod Nano 2GB is an amazing MP3 player. The iPod itself is small, light weight and looks very elegant. The silver finish is very tough to scratch and can stand the odd drop here and there.

    The battery on this iPod last's me roughly 13 hours of none stop play.

    The iPod also allows you to store and view photos. As well as this album art and lyrics to your favourite songs!

    The screen is amazing and you can tell that it is not cheap because the colours that are displayed are just amazing.

    The price is also reasonable because it is an apple product and believe me when i say there is no MP3 player like an apple. One day with this little thing and you'll never want to put it down.

    Overall the iPod Nano 2GB has so much to offer in the way of music, and because of its size it can be taken anywhere and just kept in your pocket or handbag. The iPod can store roughly 500 songs, but you can always get more on depending on how compressed the files are.

    The iPod is very easy to use and menu is well laid out. It is very rare that anything ever goes wrong with apple iPods because they are just works of art. I strongly recommend that this MP3 player is the right choice for every day users.

  7.  High Definition DVD Player Amazing Value


    First of all HD-DVD is the new format of DVD from Toshiba. HD DVD disks have higher capacity than standard DVD disks which allow them to store the large amount of data needed for HD films.

    The HD-DVD player is nice and compact. It doesn't take up a lot of space. It's basically silent if you listen closely but when the sound of the film is playing you can't hear anything at all. The DVD player has a native resolution of 1080p, but can re-size the picture to 1080p/ 720p or 480p.

    The sound output of the player is amazing. It's not like anything I've heard before. The HD-DVD player really makes me feel like I am in the film.

    The sound and picture quality really bring films to life, and once you watch one film in HD, you will want to upgrade all of your favourites to HD! The great thing with HD DVD players is that they are al backwards compatible with DVD's. This means hat you can still play all of your films on this player! And the DVD player will also upscale the image to HD, but it wont be native and it may be jumpy and not as good quality at times but the really depends on the film because they might not have used a quality camera when filming.

    The price of HD DVD is a much cheaper option to Blue-ray because the lasers of which are used cost more to produce. The disks are also cheaper on HD DVD for some films.

    Overall the HD DVD Player looks and feels great. It looks sleek and expensive, and also gives you the chance to gloat to all of your friends and neighbours about having the latest equipment at a reasonable price! I would recommend this product to anyone because HD DVD is the future of home entertainment.

  8.  Sony Ericssons Latest and Greatest!


    A description of this phone in one word would have to be 'wow'. It has everything you could ever want and need in a mobile phone.

    The size of the phone is roughly the same size as the well known K750i (closed). The feel of the phone is expensive and it just looks great. The detail to the phone even down to the grooves on the back is fantastic.

    The phone itself comes supplied with a 1GB memory stick Pro Duo which has enough space for around 250 mp3's or an astonishing amount of photo's depending on what quality you set the phone to.

    The camera is definitely the best i have seen so far, it is still only 2MP (mega-pixels [the amount of pixels is the quality of the picture so the higher the better]). The 2MP camera however is by far much better than any of the other Sony Ericsson ones i have seen. The images when uploaded onto my PC are clear and crisp and just look fantastic!

    The music player is also great little feature because it also has the aircraft option which is also good for when you are on the go and don't want your music to be interrupted by that phone call.

    Other features with the phone are: calendar, web browser, photo viewer, task manager, alarm clock and so on.

    The phone itself looks really attractive, and the back of the slider is mirror like and has the Walkman logo on it. The slider even feels great; it feels strong and stable unlike other cheap slider phones out there.

    Overall i would say that for this price this phone offers everything you could ever really need and want. If 1GB memory is not good enough for you Play.com also offers a 4GB memory card for around £40 which is a bargain! The phone itself is a barging too. You cant go wrong with this phone because its so easy to use and is just a must have piece of kit.

  9.  Fantastic Home Cinema System


    Ok first of all the 5.1 bit means how many speakers there are for the amount of subs. In this case there are 5 speakers and 1 sub. The higher the ratio (2:1/ 4:1 or 5:1) the better the surround sound will be.

    This surround sound has amazing life like sounds. Every little detail is picked up.

    The speakers are made by Samsung and as you would have gathered they are of very high standard.

    Set-up is easy and simple and the instructions are very easy to follow. The speakers themselves look amazing. They do not take up lots of space but they really stand out and look great!

    The DVD player that is supplied is also very nice because it can play DVD's and CD's. The DVD player also upscale standard DVD's to HD quality which looks brilliant if you have a HD TV.

    If you own a Samsung TV then this really is the right Cinema System for you. If you are like my-self thinking ... do i really need this? The answer i give you is yes! You will find yourself glued to the seat being drawn into the amazing visual and audio sensation that this system delivers.

    Overall this is a very nice high-tech piece of kit and i would recommend to anyone who is interesting in turning their home into an entertainment centre. It really is worth every penny!