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  1.  This is not Hitman


    Being a huge fan of the series, I eagerly awaited my pre-order copy.

    This game has obviously been developed by people who haven't worked on the previous hitman games.

    There are 3 major problems with this game:

    - No save function.
    You cannot save your progress at any point in the game, instead you are given "checkpoints". If you manage to find these elusive checkpoints you can save... but it only saves your position on the map, not your progress. i.e enemies you've killed will respawn, explosives you've placed are removed, food you've poisoned becomes clean etc.

    - Disguises.
    If you've played the hitman games before you'll know disguises play a huge part in the game. However this system to successfully use a disguise you need to use "instinct" to hide your face from the enemy. When you do this your instinct depletes. No instinct means your disguise is blown in a matter of seconds. To regenerate your instinct you have to headshot or stealth kill enemies. So a purely stealthy mission is essentially impossible. So a huge let down to fans of the series.

    - The missions.
    Hitman has suddenly grown a heart and decides to spend the entire game rescuing a girl. Problem with this is that the whole game revolves around the story and most missions are not even assassinations! There are few assassination missions in the game. There is a "contracts" side to the game, but to access this you need to purchase a "contracts pass" from Xbox Live. Another problem is the missions are split into sections. Once you pass a section you cannot go back. Unlike blood money where the missions are one huge level and you can explore as you please... these missions are linear and split into stages. One assassination mission might take 3 stages i.e "Find top floor" - "Talk to person X" - "Assassinate person Y" with each stage essentially being a completely separate level.

    Overall... it's an OK game if you like third person shooters. This is not a stealth Hitman game. Nothing like the previous games a lot more like Splinter Cell without the stealth.


  2.  "Run Around Doing Nothing and Watching Cut Scenes" Creed


    What an absolute joke. Worst assassins creed ever.

    Game play broken down:
    70% - Trying to follow the story and watching your character make absolutely stupid decisions in cut scenes.
    10% - Loading screens and "Fast Travel"
    15% - Running around doing the most useless and boring non-assassination "story building" tasks
    5% - Assassinations

    Rent it for a weekend and skip the cut scenes. Don't waste your money buying it.