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  1.  Surprisingly good


    I have to confess: I'm not a Hartnell fan. Some of the historical stories just bore me. This one is very good though. The miniaturised Tardis crew works to get big again and solves a murder on the side.
    The tempo isn't as slow as some of the older stories and they don't run along corridors. I watched it twice in a row.

  2.  AT LAST!


    I love Ace. So maybe I'm not a proper judge of the quality of these episodes.
    Dragonfire is a nice story, but suffers from a low budget and and a pretty predictable story.
    Happiness Patrol however is just great. If you asked yourself what Maggie the Gargoyle Thatcher would look like in pink - here you see it! Sylvester McCoy finds his style and the Candyman is as scary/hilarious as the Doctors greatest enemies.
    I waited for this release for years now.

  3.  Well, yes/no


    Ok, on one level this is DW at its worst. And I never liked Mel. On the other hand the story isn't so bad and some characters like Pec and the cannibalistic ladies are interesting inventions. The highly underrated Sylvester McCoy hasn't found his way with the character yet, but he is funny and fierce and his interaction with the Kangs is just perfect.
    No, it isn't Day of the Daleks or Happiness Patrol.
    Yes, I love it! I watched it twice in a row.
    And now I want Dragonfire!

  4.  Beautiful


    This is a beautiful record that gets better every time I put it on. Haynes is a good soulful singer and didn't overload the music with showing off his guitar skills.
    This is not what I had expected after hearing him with the Allmans or Gov't Mule. It was a pleasant surprise.
    Traditional without being predictable.

  5.  Sad Sad Sad


    Mr. Smith isn't as bad as Ms Gillian, who is just a lousy actress, but close. What irritates me most are the poor scripts. The season opener is just a re-make of 'Smith and Jones' (the Rhinos on the moon). From a new team I expected something new and less predictable.
    I just had expected more from Mr Moffat, later in the season he even managed to change the weeping angels from really scary to really exchangable.
    Doctor Who is a children's programm again.

  6.  No Happy End


    The greatest thing about this entertaining book is the fact that for a couple of hundred pages you have the sweet hope of the Vatican going up in a mushroom-cloud.
    In the end we have to do with some burning clerics - which is ok, but too Jerry Springer for my taste.
    The perfect book if you want to be captured by action.

  7.  Oh Yes!


    While this is not more of the same, this album fits into the line of the last (great) three. The mood of the music is rather light and optimistic, while the lyrics are not as gloomy as this man can be at times.
    There is a lot of humour and a band that loves to play and a singer who loves to charm.
    It's idiotic to talk about the rank this album will take among the work of Dylan's life, but this one won't be at the bottom of the list.
    My favourite songs are 'Wife's home town' and 'If you ever go to Houston'.

  8.  More of the Same


    More outtakes and b-sides. Which is ok, not one bad song, but so many that sound nearly like one you liked years ago. The edge-guitar has become a boring cliche and what is interesting about the sounds is probably stuff Eno mixed in while the others were napping.
    This record is nothing more than an excuse for another world tour and 2 or three new songs for the stage.
    Compare this to Achtung Baby or Joshua Tree and you see what U2 have become: another Rolling Stones!
    Maybe it isn't a coincidence that they both shout how they are the biggest and the best in the world.
    Still, this cd has it's moments and if you like the last two, then you will be happy with more of the same.
    Safety Belt Rock'n Roll.

  9.  Unmissable - but where is the rest?


    I love Ab-Fab and the Vicar and Wild West, but this is where dawn French proves that she is more than just really good! It is just amazing how a woman who is as recognizable as she is, manages to become totally different characters.
    but where are the other series of Murder Most Horrid?
    I want them all! And I want new ones too, every week!

  10.  TERRIBLE!!!!


    There was no option to give this no star, otherwise i would have done that.
    This is actually a great show. Fantastic songs and a good story. But this DVD is a. not complete, there are songs missing, b. of terrible picture and sound quality. Every thing that made Sweeney Todd in concert great is missing on this DVD. It was so bad I only watched half of it.