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  1.  A brilliant adaptation of a classic


    Well worth the purchase! The staging is fantastic, the actors brilliant (potentially the best I've seen in the Phantom production...haven't quite made up my mind), but for me the prize goes to the orchestra. I'm a huge fan of the phantom music, and the richness of the orchestra does it the justice you can't physically acheive in a smaller broadway theatre. Top that with the vocals of the actors, and you have a winner!

  2.  Just brilliant.


    A great ending to the MGS series (maybe... ?). The story-lines are fantastic and I'm a huge fan of the game play of MGS. Won't say much more as don't want to spoil the plot. If you're a fan of the other MGS games, this is a must (quite possibly my favourite of the series). If MGS is new to you, some of the references to previous MGS games may not make sense, but it's nonetheless a great, great game. Enjoy!

  3.  Great drive, excellent price


    Bought this drive about a week ago and thought I should kick-off the reviews for this product. Overall, the drive is very good. I bought it because I had a WD my passport 320gb hard drive, which I dropped from about a centimeter above a table top, and it instantly jammed (result: data lost. Gutted!). Anyway, I saw this and thought I'd give seagate a try. So far it has been really good. Transfer speeds more than cover my requirements. It's quick to install (I have Windows 7) and very easy to use. Quiet too (I have it on now and I can't hear a thing from it). Now, the reason why I didn't give it 5 stars: a couple of days ago I connected it to my TV, and while trying to sleep I noticed the drive started up on its own accord, with the TV still off. Reading other reviews elsewhere, this doesn't seem to be unusual with seagate drives, and certainly isn't a big deal, but ideally I'd like to have it connected to the laptop or TV and not have it start up in the middle of the night. The alternative: just un-plug it. In summary: great drive, great price. Recommended.

  4.  Good pair of portable music player phones!


    Start on the upside: as far as portable headphones go (for the price I paid for them of around £25) these headphones aren't bad at all. I wanted these to listen to my ipod nano on long train journeys and just for taking some time out to lye in the sun on weekends. These deliver with good all-round sound, however I still would reserve complete judgement until I've burned them in a bit more, as they're constantly getting better over time.

    Bass is definately not sparse here. I find the perfect equaliser settings to have on a ipod or nano is, well, none at all actually! (otherwise bass can get overwhelming). Mids and highs are good. At first I thought they were rather understated, but after 10+hours use they (seem) to be making a bit more of a punch.

    My biggest gripe with them is the noise you hear through the wire if tapped or brushed against something. Its not a significant issue for me, as I don't use them while walking, running etc., but I imagine this would get annoying is they were used during such times.

    In summary, a good portable player headphone - not good for anything larger like a laptop or musical instrument. Comfortable enough. Do shop around though as I think £25 was a good and also fair deal (bought them in December 2008). Check out also the CX300 and Sony equivelants - EX series.