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  1.  i know its a classic


    i know its a classic film but i didn't think it was that great the ending was a bit disappointing and the chase could have been better

    its worth a watch but its not fantastic like i was expecting

  2.  great film but on for to long


    When i saw this film , i thought it was great but its on for a long time and as good as it is 2 much of anything and you get bored so i recommend the film but only if you know you will be able to sit there for 3 hours and enjoy it

    8/10 is a fair score

  3.  this film has won 6 awards


    This is gonna be 1 of the best films of the year and deserves every award it gets

    the person who gave this film 1 star a couple of reviews down, maybe u were watchin a different film

    all i can say is this is a great film and it won 6 awards and great films dont win 6 swards so

    watch it and then watch it again

  4.  it could be a lot better


    When i heard they were making a movie of th simpsons i was excited but i was dissapointed when i watched this , it was boring and they could have made it a lot more interesting but it gets 2 stars because spiderpig made an appearence (lol)

  5.  i was there


    i went to see this ppv and it was fantastic if you like wwe then watch this ppv

  6.  better than the book


    i read the book 1st and then wacthed the film and i was suprised to find that the film was better than the book, the only thing wrong with the film is Sigourney Weaver who plays the warden (i imagined someone different and meaner looking to play the part of the warden)

  7.  we argued but made the right descision


    Me and my friend argued between goin to see this and ' i am legend ' at the cinema (i wanted to watch i am legend)and he wanted to watch balls of fury and he won , we went to see balls of fury and this is a great comedy a lot bettet than i expected and would recomend it to anyone

  8.  this was reccomended


    This was recomended by a friend of mine and im glad i wacthed it , i wouldnt normally watch films like this but im happy that i did

  9.  if only all bond films were as good as this


    i have every bond film (including casino royale) and this is the best 1 of the lot , the criminals are the worst (they shoot unarmed woman in the back) so who better to take them on than an equally cold hearted killer named james bond (007) a must see film

  10.  the best film i have ever seen


    this is without doubt the best film i have ever seen and martin scorsese's best film , i could not even find 1 fault with this film and it is a must buy for £5.99