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  1.  You get what you pay for


    I can't, in good conscience, truly recommend this product. While I don't see it as a 1-star piece of kit it isn't worth much more.

    Lightweight (I don't see the cheap, light material as a bad thing in every product, sometimes it helps)
    Charges when the machine isn't powered on

    False charge claims; many times I've removed the controller after being told it's fully charged only for it to last twenty minutes or so (I've since determined that one of the docks is faulty; a big issue within itself seeing as it's less than a year old

    I am now back in the market for a charging station. I will look in the 25-40 pound market because I think this product is definitely a case of getting what you pay for. At under 15 pounds you can't expect much more and, hey, maybe you'll have better luck with yours lasting longer than six months or so.

  2. FIFA 09

    FIFA 09

    Xbox 360

    3 New from  €3.30  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €4.36

     Up there with Pro Evo now


    I bought this game the other day and it has impressed me; finally the argument between FIFA and Pro Evo looks to be decreasing in size and validity of argument.

    Everything you control feels more natural than it has before and there's more subtleties to the game than ever before, more little combo's to master to truly gain an advantage.

    Online it's a blast and even better, I find, if you have a couple of mates round with you.

    There's only one true gripe I have with it; the commentary. It's so boring, it really could have used some personality. I played 07 a lot and there was so much banter between Tyler and Gray on that, it was mostly pointless as well as senseless but it added some character to the game. The first time you hear Kevin Kilbane and "marauding" in the same sentence you can't help but laugh but there's NONE of that in 09 and I can't understand why. It's all by-the-by regular commentary, just telling us what's happening. It's a total bore and will be replaced by my music soon which is a real shame. This would have been a 5 Starer for me if they'd had even half as decent as 07's commentary.

  3.  Quite strong with the force but needed more time at the gym


    Firstly, let's do the positives. This is an incredibly detailed and well-realised SW game. The story they want to tell is complex and interesting enough to keep you watching the cinematics (that, and the fact they look incredible). Gameplay wise it is an awesome amount of fun to pick up stormtroopers and throw them places. The character's are ok but the only one I can mention in the positive paragraph is "Starkillers" (sigh) robot companion, Proxy, and that's more because of his abilities than his personality which has nothing on the HK-47 robot in KotoR.

    Ok, the negatives. I really wish the guy who has a massive hand in bridging the gap between Eps. 3 and 4 wasn't referred to as Starkiller, it sounds like the name an 11 year old would pick for his XBL account.

    The locations really left me feeling "meh". The first 3 are ok but too many of the middle planets are either a repeat or quite similar. The junkyard levels are boring to look at, as are the giant-mushroom-land levels. This game clearly had some real visual muscle and I feel I should have been wowed by the scope and detail of planets.

    What else is there to mention? The music is awesome. And co-op should have found a way in there but then co-op should be an option in every game possible (which is 99% of them), I had more fun playing Jedi Power Battles on the PS1 than I did this alone.

    But I'm getting caught up, this IS a fun game but I did feel like a lot more could have been made with it. It won't go down in my eyes as the greatest SW game, not even top 3, but it is a fun game to blow through over a weekend; I'd rent it if I were you.

  4.  Ocean's 11: The College Years


    Average film that is a bit of fun but could have been quite a lot better. Without Spacey it would be even less.

    Definitely a rent-rather-than-buy film.

  5.  Truly, you can't put it down


    This is the start of the most fascinating, absorbing, inspirational and exceptional saga I have ever read, and I include Lord of the Rings in that claim.

    The depth and scope of Martin's fantasy world is truly amazing. You can feel daunted at times with all the names of people and places rushing at you but this does very little to draw you away from the central storyline. You always know what is going on and the added bonuses of the rich lore and back-stories are just that; an excellent bonus for people who like their fantasy with a bit more meat on the bones.

    The story is told in chapters and each chapter is told from the point-of-view of a single character. In all, I think the book is told from about 7 viewpoints. I love this style of writing and it continues throughout the saga (I'm up to Book 3 Part 2) and I imagine Martin will stick with it to the end.

    I sometimes found myself starting a chapter thinking I wouldn't enjoy it so much because I didn't like the character as much as others but I will say one thing. Trust Mr Martin, he knows what he's doing. Almost every chapter has you glued to the pages, absolutely compelling. The vocabulary and style of writing can be quite tough at times so don't pick this up thinking it to be for teenagers or something, this is for confident readers only.

    I am absolutely loving this series of books and I cannot recommend it highly enough for big fantasy fans, truly.

  6.  Number 1 Top Seller for a reason


    There's a reason these are number 1 top sellers for headphones at the minute; there's nothing more you could ask for in a pair of headphones. Dare I say it, these are perfect.

    I put them on and within minutes of the first song I was hearing instruments and little subtleties in the song I didn't know existed! Add to the mix that they are only £10 and you really need to pick these up if you're in the market for headphones. The sound quality is excellent in my opinion. I'm sure you could improve on it but for what I'm looking for (simply a pair of decent headphones) these go way beyond the call of duty!

    The only minor quibble I have with them is personal; I don't get on too well with the ear-buds style. It feels so intrusive, I always think of the Babel Fish in HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy, it feels like how I imagine that would. This really is minor though and shouldn't stand in my way of enjoying music again.

    A recommend purchase!

  7.  Bit of a let down


    I've read every Elton book going and I've thoroughly enjoyed every one of them (well maybe Blast from the past was a bit of an effort to read at times) but this effort goes straight to the bottom of the pile unfortunately.

    As the reviewer "below" me mentions, it is quite an interesting idea on how shows like Pop Idol and X Factor work, and it does make me wonder if it really COULD be like that (Elton clearly thinks so) but apart from this then the characters are very dull. Ironically, the characters themselves raise this point in the book.

    The first and last 80 pages or so are quite interesting but the middle bits really are a bit of an effort at times.

    If you didn't know, Elton has written another satirical novel based on another reality TV show - Dead Famous - and I can highly recommend that. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Chart Throb.

  8.  Good idea, poor execution


    This could have been good but instead it's a real bore-fest.

    The idea of having so many popular (well a lot of them are popular, some are very random) games in one handy package is a good one but it's let down by a few things.

    Firstly, a lot of the games are actually very dull to begin with, whether they are played virtually or not. These games include Solitaire, Checkers and Connect 4. You could argue that a change of pace in your gaming is acceptable, and maybe you'd be right. I would be prepared to bet, though, that after twenty minutes (I'm being generous there too!) of skimming through the games thinking "there must be something worthwhile!" you will give up and reach for your Mario or, hell, even Brain Training cartridges!

    Still, after all this, this game could have been acceptable had they cleaned up the speed of the games and the accompanying sound. The games are played at such a pace that you get bored waiting for your turn. When the games are about as fun as a colonic irrigation to begin with, well it's not good. The sound is irritating and very repetitive.

    Now I know this may sound all doom and gloom. So I will try and think of some positives. The price is ok. Though, I paid £10 for it and in hindsight, I feel like I got ripped off. Another positive is that with so many games in there I'm sure there's at least one you may like but I would wager that you'd get bored of it fairly swiftly.

    This game could have been something very decent indeed. Instead, it's a genuine let down and I'd rather play Solitaire on my PC.. and that's saying something!


  9.  Very good case with a price to match!


    Darkstar has all bases covered as far as the review for this case is concerned. Read their review for a more thorough rundown of it.

    It is a very compact, safe and simple travel case for your DS Lite and at £6 it's ideal really.

    I will agree with Darkstar re: how tight the DS gets packed in - really is quite tricky to get out sometimes! - but like s/he said, this is a good thing as you know there is unlikely to be damage from transporting it.

    The only minor problem I have with this case is the flimsy net they provide for games and whatnot, if the case is open and games are in there and it gets knocked off a table for example I can imagine the games would not stay in. Clutching at straws maybe. For the price, this is superb and necessary, really!

  10.  Achieves the improbable


    This game manages to be refreshing and original as well as going back to its roots of simple 2d platforming. This game is simply a triumph.

    For anyone who can remember (and enjoyed!) the time before Mario turned 3d - this game is a must buy!

    For me, it's the little things that count - sound - all of the original sounds are back and I love it! From sinking in to a pipe to explore the dungeon below to the "Weyooo" sound of sliding down the flagpole at the end of the level.

    So, it's ticking all the boxes as far as "keeping it simple" is concerned, how about the "thinking outside the box".. uh, boxes? Well, you'd find many ticks in these too with all the new power ups now available to Mario. The first time you turn in to Giant Mario and charge through everything is likely to be an experience you will remember for a while!

    Overall, this is a superb return to form for "our Mario" and if you have a DS, you simply NEED this game!