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  1.  WAS one of the best programs on T.V


    I cannot fathom why anyone would give this a good review, this series has completely ruined hustle and i hope they never make another one. In my opinion hustle WAS one of the best programs on T.V. until they made this rubbish i immediatly stopped watching after the terrible fashion episode. The writers have clearly run out of ideas. The actors are still good but it is hard to enjoy good acting with such terrible story lines. Please stop ruining decent T.V shows!

  2.  Finished in 5 and a half hours


    Im a big lost fan and the game has everything you could ask for... except for a decent length. The game is far too short and as i stated above i finished it in only 5 and a half hours.

    Despite this it is still a good game, the storyline is decent but by buying this game your not going to discover anything that hasnt been covered in the show. You can go around many of the places on the island such as the swan, the flame, the hyrdra and the black rock. Graphics are fairly good but the voice acting is not so great. Most of the game is spent running around collecting things and talking to the other survivors. There isnt much shooting involved so dont buy the game for that.

    You can only really play this game twice as you would just be repeating the storyline. Also there isnt anything to unlock except some crappy concept art which was a big dissapointment.

    At first i thought the price was very cheap but for what your getting i actually wouldnt pay anymore than about £12. Its your choice wether to buy it or not, its a decent game but it isnt replayable and its far too short!

  3.  No where near as good as the first


    Don't get me wrong this isn't a bad film its alright but its no where near as good as its prequel. In fact most of the story line is the exact same as 48 hours but just not as good. Still some funny bits and a good screen relationship between Nolte and Murphy.

  4.  Great gangster film but not the best


    Another good gangster film but its not the best one by a long shot. Still very good, some good acting and an interesting plot. The best thing about it is the fact that its based on a true story.

  5.  Great


    Very interesting book about the life of the "Taxman" Brian Cockerill. I read this in only a day because it had me hooked! I only wish it were a little longer. Definitely a must have.

  6.  Pointless and boring


    Not a very interesting film, boring story line and its just not funny. The only thing that saves this from being a 1 star is Jackie Chan doing his stuff.

  7.  Brilliant success!


    Great film, the four screens actually work. I was abit skeptical when i heard about this film but i watched it and it was excellent. When you remember that this film was one continuous shot and no real script its a great achievement. A must have for any film fan.

  8.  Good football film


    Its not often you get a good football film but you've got one here. I'm not a big fan of Jones but he was alright in this. Hilarious football match!

  9.  Great fight scenes


    Pretty good film, great bar fight scenes and good music. Maybe they could of picked a better actor than Swayze to play the part though. Worth watching.

  10.  Right....


    Not quite sure what they were thinking when they made this film. There are some funny bits but its just plain silly, a big big let down. I really have never heard so many lame head gags crammed into one film.