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  1.  Little Big Planet 2


    Like the last one but better...nice:) at least ten words. I was going for a quick and to the point review so people would look and say "that's quick and to the point why write more?"So now I have to pad it out to ten words or more.....sill love the game.

  2.  killzone trees


    Well this was a lot better than the last one,it looks amazing & I finished the game in a week.The online play is very good,playing this more than cod at the moment.Down side is there are too many cut scenes But! I loved it and will be playing online for a long time.

  3.  Roccat Sense mouse mat


    Very nice works well,smooth positve suface.Not too big ,just about the right size for gaming & web surfing

    monkeybees :)

  4.  Watchmen


    Loved this film,it's super anti heros for adults,this directors cut is very long,but at least you can have a cup of tea & come back later.It looks wonderful very dark & moody.

  5.  Ballad of gay tony/The lost & damned


    GTA is fun again,buy this if you liked all the previous games.Two games in one, look out for the in jokes & cross over points,very funny.
    This is filling up my spare xmas moments.

  6.  Star Trek XI


    Amazing SiFi on Blu-ray.If you saw this at the cinema or elsewhere,you will be blown away by this movie on blu-ray,it looks superb.Just buy it.There is also a digital copy for p.c. or iplayer & a demo level of an xbox 360 arcade game + the special features disk which I guess no one ever watches.All in all a great movie that shows of just how good a good blu-ray movie can be.

  7.  ODST amazing


    Well I have only been playing this for a few hours & I have to say It's great it looks even better than Halo 3 in lots of ways.The story jumps from one ODST team member to another & works well.Firefight is great fun (a lot like hord on gears) & you get all the multiplayer maps from Halo 3 + 2 new maps 10/10 oh! & I got my Sargent Johnson unlock email code from Play. Great Stuff.



    Love this film,is it a deeply intellectual critique of modern American life , or just a sit down and laugh till your eyes bleed comedy. A true comedy classic and at this price you can't go wrong...If I had two buckets I would give it 10 out of 10 ,as I only have one bucket I will give it one bucket a laundry basket and a bag of toast,you can't give more than that.Top Marks.

  9.  this movie has it all (Really)


    Yes this movie has it all... Phew got my new copy from play today & it was just great.This film is like Bond on fast forward.Action!Action Action! non stop great stuff.If you buy an HD player buy this it looks fantastic.Thats is great film loved it.