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  1.  Visually and Aurally Stunning


    As a piece of cinematography this film is epic. It overloads the senses with fantastic music choices, dramatic camera use and beautiful landscapes. The casting is excellent with all main actors filling their roles well, if not brilliantly in terms of looks, style and attitude. However despite the cast and fantastic cinematography, the chemistry between 'Ricardo' and 'Tubbs' is limited at best (as is well documented with critics). Moreover, the premise of the movie was not capitalised on enough to stimulate me mentally. The 'storyline' got very weak at times and I found myself wondering what was going on due to this and the often frenetic almost documentary-style cinematography. Because of this, the lack of chemistry and the effect they both had on the overall feeling of the movie, Miami Vice falls short of a 5* from me.

    In short;

    Pros: Cinematrography, Musical Score, Casting, Scenery, Premise is intriguing, Eye-Candy for all (although I can only talk about Gong Li with respect to that, from my own perspective).

    Cons: Story is not developed enough for my liking, On-Screen chemistry between Farrell and Foxx is virtually non-existant most of the time.

    Verdict 4*, very good movie, well-worth a watch in my opinion but I would like to see a sequel to put right the mistakes of this movie.

  2.  Brilliant Feel-Good Movie...


    First of all I gotta say this, I saw the movie because of its ties with Superbad [Same producers or something]. I saw it in the USA in February when it was released there, can't believe it's taken so long to come here but whatever.

    This movie is very very good, frustrating at times but it's all part of the story. Very funny, although not as much as Superbad, it's a more serious look at young relationships and relationships in the modern day. It highlights how things rarely change and how people need to be forgiving and loving in equal measure.

    In short I loved it, Kristen is gorgeous, the acting fit the purpose although I thought Ryan Reynolds and Kristen were the best actors in the film, Bill Hader was the funniest :)

    Buy it, its a must have in my opinion, fantastic in many many ways :)

  3.  No Power In The Verse Can Stop The Signal!


    Well, i love the movie..i loved the TV series, and the Computer game being made by Multiverse and (possibly) published by Google (yeah i know, but its true apparently) will get MASSES OF LOVE. So naturally i thought id love this...oh i was wrong. i didnt love it at all. i GORAMN MADE LOVE TO IT! this is fan freakin tastic everything in here is amazing and its the ONLY thing that can get us SERENITY 2 so BUY IT PLEEEEEEASE! Help the browncoats..

    Also, i spent £220 on a multi region dvd player JUST FOR THIS! if thats not an incentive enough to buy it then my god u must be a goramn reaver or something...

    Can't Stop The Signal!