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  1.  Switch of and enjoy HD at it's best


    Anyone expecting a deep emotional roller coaster of a film needs to look elsewhere. Turn the lights off, turn up the surround sound, switch your brain into relax and enjoy. This film truly shows of HD in all it's glory with a picture that is sharp and vibrant. It is a testament to the quality of the CGI that the joins can not be seen even in HD. The sound is also top quality that will give your surround sound what is deserves. I enjoyed this film for what it is, great entertainment, the only difference is now that it has the picture and sound quality to really show it off.

  2.  Honest Opinion (Great)


    As usual i have been reading viewer reviews of this game and can i say one thing, If your going to review this game, please give reasons behind any negativity as this will back up your review.
    First off lets get the 'slowdown' issue out of the way as this has been highlighted in many press reviews. The slowdown does not effect the game in any way as it is minimal to non-existent whilst playing in match, yes the replay's judder along but if you let this effect your choice whether to purchase or not your missing out a classic.
    As with all Pro Evo's you need to spend some time getting used to the new moves etc but once you do your in for a treat. The football is fun with the ball moving in a very realistic manner taking wicked deflections, knocking players over. Defenders now throw themselves in front of your shots making it more challenging but more realistic. I won't explain everything as finding out for yourselves is what Pro Evo is about and that is exactly what it's about, finding your own style and way to win games. What Pro Evo does is force you to change the way you play depending on the circumstances of the game with teams sitting back when their one nil up making it hard for you to score and this is where Pro Evo is miles ahead, the achievement of getting that equalizer when everyone is behind the ball is far greater than anything in other football games. The graphics are not as good as it's nearest rival, neither is the sound or presentation come to think of it but where it matters most Pro Evo rises above the rest to engage you in it's compelling game play. If you want a football game for graphics and sound look elsewhere but if your looking for a football game that actually recreates football's excitement and frustration and great controls to boot you should have already added this game to your basket.

    I felt i needed to write this review to balance out the negative reviews which seem shallow and without substance and therefore do not offer any help to people looking to purchase the game. I only give this game 4 out of 5 due to the fact there is slowdown in the replays and on next gen consoles this should not happen, i repeat however it does not effect the actual game.

  3.  Get It


    Unfortunately a few people here are reviewing this game badly without giving any real substance to their score. Ok, the game has no single player story but honestly it does not need it. The game for newcomers will be tricky as there is a lot going on and a lot to learn but once mastered you will be hooked. Ignore other reviews, the graphics are great considering it is all online and the amount of people playing. The maps are huge with a great draw distance and detailed textures that are crisp and smooth. The game is lag free and makes for a smooth playing experience which is helped by the wonderful balance between weapons and vehicles, No one has an edge as there is always a weapon or vehicle to counter act your opponents. I have both Halo 3 and Warhawk and can honestly say this is more fun and any comparisons should be kept minimal as both are different games. With Warhawk and Resistance Sony are showing they can do online gaming well as Warhawk proves it with it's smooth , lag free gaming (even with 32 players) finely balanced weaponry, crisp graphics and most importantly its fun factor. Got a PS3? Want the best online game for it? stop reading this and buy.

  4.  Impressive


    Right, i am not a great fan of this kind of film but I purchased it as a gift for my girlfriend. What is striking about this Blu-Ray version is how good the picture looks. It looks remarkable and is easily better than the DVD version. It's not only the picture but the sound will knock your socks off when played through a descent system. If your a fan of this type of film then this is a must buy and is a fine example of why going back to DVD would be so difficult.

  5.  Looks better in High Definition


    Ok, i will not go on about the story line as everybody is aware of this story by now. The main thing about the Blu-Ray version is how good it looks.
    Remembering this film is nearly 30 years it's remarkable how good the picture is and is noticeable over the standard DVD version. With vibrant colours and great detail it really is good to see a classic film looking this nice. It does not stop there, the sound is also fantastic and only enhanced by the Blu-Ray format.
    Overall this is a good addition to the Blu-Ray catalogue and it's nice to see a good film getting a good transfer.

  6.  Better than the doubters thought


    As controllers go the Playstation controller has always been the leader in terms of quality and use, going back to the original Playstation one. Well this is no different, if it ain't broke as they say.
    The first thing you will notice is how light it is but really after about 10 mins this is not an issue. The controller uses bluetooth to connect and is very responsive to every button press. Even though the controller is light it still feels well built. The SIXAXIS motion control is nice but can be tricky at first but it is an option that game designers could use in a unique manner for games. A lot has been said of the lack of rumble in the pad which worried me at first. I need not worry because after a while you forget that its not there and really does not affect the games at all. The one obvious advantage of no rumble is the pad has a great battery life and is easy to charge.
    The reason i give the controller 4 stars is mainly due to the lack of rumble, i know its not essential but it is a feature which attracts a lot of gamers. This looks to be sorted soon with an updated version of the SIXAXIS which is rumoured to be in the pipeline. That one i will no doubt give 5 stars. Good stuff.

  7.  Great Picture, Great Film


    I had never seen this but ordered it on bluray as i had heard good things about it. It was a good move, the film is great and keeps you watching all the way. The performances are of high quality and the pacing is good. I will have to watch it again to make sure i missed nothing.
    Overall the picture quality and sound quality are top notch on bluray and are both really clear. This is a bluray film i highly recommend as the film is great and it is a good advertisement for what bluray can offer.

  8.  Solid Remote.


    It is quite difficult to review a remote really. Here goes. As far as remotes go this is a good one. It is clearly laid out and is easy to use. It incorporates all the Joypad buttons as well as the main buttons found on most remotes. This means the remote can be used to control the media bar on your PS3, which is handy for music and video. The remote only works with the PS3 so you can not control any other devices. The remote itself uses bluetooth which works from anywhere within 10 metres and does not require you to point directly at the PS3 which is quite useful. You can use it to control DVD functions as well. So all in all a worth while purchase if your going to use your PS3 for more than just games.

  9.  Worth Every Penny


    I will not go on and repeat what others say but just concur with their opinions. This looks stunning and is a joy to play. Can be tricky in places but who wants to walse through a game that costs you £40, getting your moneys worth is important. The controls may take a bit of getting used to but after a while work very well and pulling of those tricky ninja moves becomes second nature. The game is not all hack and slash as there are parts that require thought to advance. There are not many , if any bad points about this game and it is good to see companies putting effort into PS3 games. I will not mention the story as it is a part of the game and do not want to spoil anything for future purchasers.
    If in doubt just download the demo from the PS Store and see for yourself.

  10.  Good port


    For the reviewer saying about the fuzzy graphics. this is only occurs at 1080i resolution. Knock the resolution to 720p and it will make it crisp and clear. Great game.