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  1.  Incredible!


    Absolutely superb film! i loved every bit of it! Well done Keanu, some great acting!

  2.  Wow! Incredible! This is a real eye opener!


    I purchased this film expecting just an ordinary documentary following sharks, but i was suprised to find that it was a plead for help to the public to save sharks! The people involved in this documentary are trying to get the message across to the public's that sharks are being killed for the worst reasons possible. Not just killed though, they are being tortured! They are cut up and thrown back into the sea! I never knew anything like this was happening to sharks and i was disgraced to see that humans could do this. The footage on the documentary is awesome! I always just thought that sharks were another dangerous animal till i watched this. It made me realise that sharks arent dangerous at all, infact they are extremely intelligent and gentle creatures. The media goes way over the top by claiming these to be dangerous killers and forces people into believing that we need to kill sharks to be safe, this is not true! This dvd tells you everything you need to know about whats happening to sharks in the real world, and that they are infact not dangerous to humans at all!

  3.  Why the bad reviews?


    I dont understand why people have rated this product badly. This macbook is revolutionary, its a subnotebook which offers much better performance than those it competes with. Its not meant to be a powerhouse, its designed to be a solution for people who need an ultra mobile laptop without giving up performance. I bought myself a superdrive for this and i havent used it once. Apple have also designed a piece of software that lets you use a dvd drive on any computer on the network, which just shows up in the finder (my computer, for windows users). As for the 80gb hard drive, if they were to put anything bigger in then it would mean using a 2.5" hard drive instead of a 1.8', which would compromise the design way too much.

    The whole point in this laptop is to be ultra portable, which means taking stuff out to get the weight down. If your one of these people who criticize everything about this product then its obviously not for you, so dont buy it! This macbook is incredible, its an ideal solution for portability

  4.  Great Ram


    Im using this on my 2.4ghz Macbook Pro and it works perfect! It will also work for normal macbooks and DDR2 laptops. I was using 2gb and i knew the upgrade to 4gb was noticable on windows but wasnt sure how big the leap would be on a mac. The difference is huge though, my macbook pro boots faster, loads applications faster, and having 4gb ram comes in useful for video conversion, and image editing. The performance of this ram is superb and the price is great.

  5.  Brilliant but way too short!


    Excellent! Not quite as good as the first two series though but still worthy of its name. The only disapointment was the fact that it only has 6 episodes, which is normal for most short tv series but i just wanted to watch another 6 after i finished watching this. I hope a series 4 comes out!

  6.  Much Better Than WOW


    After playing both WOW and lord of the rings online, i can say that this game is much better. Better graphics, better quests, story quests etc . Its just amazing! and extremely addictive!

  7.  Great hit with the lads!


    This is a great game for when you have the lads round for a few beers. The mini games are well designed and all of them are really fun.

    For £15 u cant expect anything mind blowing but for the money its amazing! Anyone giving it less than 3 stars deserves a slap with a wet fish. What do you expect for £15!!?