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  1.  There is no NTSC...


    There is no NTSC version of this. NTSC has nothing to do with BD; the films are 1080p/24. This is a carbon copy of the HD DVD release of the set, which was delayed because of the fluctuating state of the Blu-ray format. Now that BonusView players are starting to emerge, this makes for a worthy purchase, although it's not as packed as the US release.

  2.  To the first reviewer


    It's not the same price, check your facts. This costs ten pounds less. Still not great value, but this is Britain.

  3.  Let's clear a few things up


    Yes, you could import the 'Ultimate' version from PlayUSA as Nightjar suggests, but you will likely get hammered by customs and end up paying a lot more in the long run.

    Another incorrect assumption is that the version of The Matrix in this set is cut - it is not. The HD sides of these discs are identical to the US releases, right down to the FBI warnings (as is the case with most HD content at the moment). The head butts are intact.

    SiScott is also incorrect when he states that the discs have art. They are dual-sided with the HD content on one side and the standard definition DVD content on the other, so no art at all.

    Thankfully the UK release includes all of the best features from the Ultimate set and the films look and sound fantastic. The version of the The Matrix included in the set is the same digitally remastered and colour timed version found in the standard DVD Ultimate Edition, and as such looks a lot closer to the sequels in the quality stakes.

    One of the best HD DVD releases so far; it's just a pity the price mistakes that saw it available for £26 or less on many sites disappeared rather rapidly!