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  1.  Will Smith At his best


    Of late I've become a very big fan of Will Smith, he move away (in general) from the usual type of cheese he used to star in (Independence Day/Men In Black) to more main stream drama has been a good move for a man who is a very very good actor.

    Having loved In the Persuit Of Happiness I bought this blind having only seen the trailers but what a good decision that was.

    Will's ability to portray the depths of emotions really make you feel for his characters inner turmoil and this really shines through the whole of this film.

    Yes as others say once you pick up a few of the clues the motive and ending of this film are obvious.

    But those who complain at this are missing the point, this film isn't about the destination, its about the journey and about this man's driven desire to make up for the wrongs he believes he has done.

    It is a very touching film with one of those bittersweet endings that leaves you not quite sure how to feel.
    We're so used to the prescription twist in the tail that when it doesn't come we feel cheated, but when it does we often complain that it was unrealistic.
    Well this time Hollywood produces a film that reflects real life.
    How often in life do we know what's coming and can't stop it?
    How often do we know something has to happen, settle to the fates only to have something unplanned come along that just makes what needs to happen harder?
    This is what this film is about and frankly having viewed this I would find it hard to see any other actor than Smith doing the role or Ben justice

    As for the Bluray transfer, its a case of as artistically intended or slightly grainy. Which ever it is it doesn't detract from the viewing pleasure but it definitely isn't the crispest picture I've seen on BR.

    The sound is spot on, well balanced allowing the home cinema to be cranked up to cope with the quiet spots (of which there are many) well, picking out really crisp details like the splattering of rain and city hussle and bussle well without the sudden blast of loud music that wakes the neighbours.

    Overall this is a wonderful film which helps to remind us that even if you wrong you can set things right if you really want to.

  2.  Sonic the Deadhog!!


    I'd played sonic before though never owned it, having only had the PS3 for a few weeks and desperate for a change of action from Motorstorm & F1 I let the missus persuade me to buy this - What a mistake!!!

    This game is like your 80 year old grandpa trying to rap and breakdance at your 21st Birthday party - a nice sentiment but truely embarassing.

    I'm afraid on this its time for sonic to retire.

  3.  RIP Colin - But What a Tribute this game is to his name


    Got this on saturday before I'd heard the sad news.
    This game is a glowing tribute to all that I've heard about Colin.
    The game is so fast, playable and totally pick up and enjoy.
    Its seat of the pants action from the first moment you start a race.

    Colin may be gone but this game will help his name to live on in the way it should