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  1.  AMAZING!!


    I can remember going to see this film at the cinema in 3D on the IMAX and being totally blown away by how amazing it was.
    I refused to pay in excess of 50 pound on auction sites for the blu ray (which people were getting with their TV's) so I was very excited when the 3D Blu ray was released.
    One word.. Amazing!!
    Again, I was totally blown away!! The 3D is simply awsome and the picture quality and sound quality are fantastic.
    I watched it on a 46" Samsung LED TV with surround sound and was well impressed.
    Buy this Blu ray and I swear it will be the best disc in your collection!!

  2.  What a waste....


    When I saw two of my favourite actors in one film I thought "great". Ed Norton and Robert De Niro are first class actors and act really well in this film, but what a complete waste of their tallent. This film just never gets going and I found my mind wondering...that's how boring this film was. I just didn't get it!! Sorry!!

  3.  Brilliant!


    This is one of those films I didn't fancy, however I gave it a chance and watched it with my 8 year old son.
    Both of us (and i'm 33) sat and laughed our heads off all the way through.
    It really was a feel good film which brought tears to my eyes (and not only from laughing).

  4.  Rise of the Footsoldier rip off!


    After reading and watching Rise of the footsoldier, I watched Bonded by blood expecting something different; however I was left feeling very disappointed!!
    Most of the cast are the same as Rise of the footsoldier; however play different roles in this film??
    The whole film is basically everybody swearing and snorting cocaine and fighting!!
    I know that this is what the characters were supposed to be like in real life; however I felt the film over does it on this front.
    If your interested in the "essex boys" murders, then read Rise of the Footsoldier and watch the film.
    It's a much better portrayal from a different point of view.
    Bonded by blood is watchable but really not a good film..Sorry!!

  5.  Beautiful, Powerfull, emotional......


    I don't know where to start with this review but here goes... I watched this film without knowing what it was really about, apart from the fact that a 14 year old girl was murdered and stuck between "the two worlds".
    I should of knew what to expect with Peter Jackson and Steven Speilberg being involved but I thought I would give it a chance.
    The film is beautifully shot with a real 70's feel and some excellent acting (especially from Stanley Tucci) and you never really know where the film is going until the young girl is murdered and taken into "another world". This is where the Blu ray really comes into it's own with bright, vivid and beautiful scenery.
    The story is brilliantly told, and the acting is first class in my opinion with a real strong, powerful story.
    It won't be everybodies cup of tea, but I say give it a go! I don't think you will be disappointed.

  6.  Another top performance from Will Smith!!


    I watched this film without knowing what it was about. I have to say that the acting in the film is top notch especially from Will Smith who seems to be getting better and better with age. All the way through the film I didn't know where it was going, right until the end!! What a fantastic twist!!
    I have to say, I really enjoyed this film and will be watching it again, even though I know the ending!!

  7.  Excellent "Run"


    I heard Leona Lewis sing Run on The Radio 1 live lounge ages ago and thought it was fantastic then. She sang it on X Factor on Saturday nigt and again she was outstanding. This is a fantastic song and much better than Snow Patrol's version.
    A real talent!!