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  1.  Stunning addictive all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    A simple game that is amazing, its so simple it silly but just keep coming back to it again and again. Make sure you do race with 4 players its mental ends in a fight every time my son normally wins!!!!!!!!!!! A must for any Wii owners!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2.  Great for the Kids!!!!!!


    Having read a few reviews on this game bought with crossed fingers. Arrived and very very impressed game play a bit limited but remeber its for kids The first real game where you can play as the bad guys without having to complete days an days worth of game play. Once you free up the Bad guyys your free to upgrade each one as you feel fit a great simple but excellent touch. And for once the special moves are mostly pre programmed what i mean is press a few buttons and your Spiderman starts a stunning fight combo move (My little boy was over the moon as he was making Spiderman do these moves with ease) the kids find this really easy so thats what matters.

    Overall great game for kids simple moves great action good easy upgrades and you can really fight as the bad guys helpping Spiderman with very little fuss well worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!

  3.  Disapointed Jedi :0(


    What can i say i was expecting somthing really stuinning with this
    So was my six year old son whos star wars daft. The game idea seem great but as soon as you start up the game you relise to crack each level is to wave the wii remote up and down to defeat each enemy in your path so within a day my six year old was a jedi master beating everyone in his path. The lack of skill required and then meet by the fact the content of the game is lacking to say the least unlock a few extra jedi and job done game completed. If your expecting anything related to the films you will not see it all based on the series seen on sky at the moment thats not a bad point but dont expect to see luke taking on darth vader overall very disapointed thank god bought with vouchers and not my own cash!!

    Think this game has pushed me to join the dark side of the force.

  4.  LEGO Rules again!!!!!!!!!!


    If you like the Lego Star Wars games you will love this, the same ideas have been moved to Indiana Jones with stunning results. Seems to need a little more thinking time than Star Wars so the younger end may need help at times.
    TIP OF THE DAY- Make your kids sit and watch the films first it will help more than you think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Again Stunning easy game play a must for kids of all ages even me at 35!!!!