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  1.  Absolutely Amazing


    I can rarely sit through long box sets, but right from the off I watched all episodes and boxes sets over the course of a week. I was honestly gripped from the start to the very finish.

    If you want to see gory fights on an epeic scale, brutality, erotica, swearing, horror, assassinations, blood and sex, then this series is definately for you.

    Dare I say it, but this whole epic saga was more entertaining to watch than 300 and Gladiator - it really is that good! Both those films seems overrated when compared to the Sparactus series.

    Personally, my favourite feature of the whole serioes is the pace of the episodes. Each episode has a lot happening in and kind of feels like a mini movie at times.

    The first couple of episodes do start out out admitedly slow, but after completly picks up. I'd advise anyone stick with it, as thingts do get a lot better.

  2.  Bit boring compared to the others


    This is series is a bit lack lustre compared to the previous box sets. Far too many 'filler' episodes that are not necessary. Granted there are few good fight scenes, especially when we get to see everyone's 'banki', which is kind of epic. All through watching this, I was always waiting fro something better to happen, but it rarely did. I was left spiled after the previous seasons and overall this seies failed to deliver to me. Hope series 5 is a lot better.

  3.  Great!


    Great movie that took a while to get going, but when it did some of the scenes are breathtaking.

    It's wortyh buying the film for the final fight scene alone really - can't describe this scene of than 'truely epic'.

    Well worth buying.

  4.  Great!


    I'm not usually into movies like this, but I was totally hooked from the go with this - watched the whole thing in one sitting.

    Think the story was excellent with constant action throughout.

  5.  Average Overall :(


    Was really looking forward to this. Was waiting for something huge to happen as the film was obviously building tension throughout - however, nothing of great significance actually happend. I was left truely underwhelmed. The ending is ok I guess, but nothing special.

  6.  Amazing


    Truely amazing box set - definately a keeper. Have all these on DVD and have to get them on bluray now too.

  7.  Woah!


    This is one of the most insane films I've seen in a while. At times the action borders on totally wrong, but the action is literally none stop for the whole film.

  8.  Excellent Piece of kit


    @Tovsergo: Better performance with larger files is the same for anything. E.g. Windows will copy one big file a lot faster than multiple small files.

    Can't fault this drive at all. Accidently dropped it down a 40 story flight of stairs and it still worked.