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  1.  best FPS/horror game ever.


    this game is exellent. the missions are extremely creepy, and one of the missions actually made me turn off the consolebecause it was so scary. the tension when you are creeping through an abandoned station or tunnel will make you peer over your own shoulder in real life. its so fun when you find a stash or hideout filled with throwing knives and ammunition.

    you have to consider your rescources carefully. should i buy a couple of gasmask filthers with my meager 20 bullets? or should i buy a few mags for my gun?.

    a great game with few flaws.

  2.  multiplayer will entertain you for about 5 minutes


    the singleplayer campaign is extremely repetitive and boring. stealth is extremely hard and often pointless. the vehicle control is terrible. the open world from crisis 1 has been ditched. having to play as a silent protagonist who does not speak when people talk to him is annoying.

    multiplayer is fun..................for about 5 minutes. the maps are tiny and the amount of players in a single match is nausea inducing.

    i am giving this 2 stars for the graphics and good realistic first person view

  3.  best FPS.....ever


    this game is better then call of duty because the storyline makes more sense. but the multiplayer is the suprise highlight. you can unlock camouflages for your character and there are hundreds of weapons, upgrades, gadgets, dogtags and camos and there is even morters.
    the maps are huge and over plenty of good sniping positions. such as the caspian border map where there is a huge tower that can only be accessed by air, so you have to get a jet and fly over it and jump out and use your parachute it is really fun.

    you can destroy entire buildings the house to house combat is really fun. its also great coming up behind a sniper and stabbing them to get their dogtags.

    BUY THIS GAME. the singleplayer is too short but the multiplayer will keep you occupied for ages. especially with battlefield premium which adds new camos, new dogtags, new guns, new vehicles, new maps and challenges.