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  1.  awesome!


    One of the best shows to come from the states in years, the same writers as Frasier - obviously! No weak links so far, could be wrote off as sterotypical but the actors play thier parts so well - Phil, Cam and Mannie in particular - but it's so incredibly watchable I can't wait to own it for good....



    One of the best shows of my childhood and the best 'puppet' show ever made!!!

    It had an ending, characters got killed off, it had an actual story, Brian May and Eddie Van Halen did the theme tune and it gave us the X Bomber - what other kids tv show did all that???

    It's long overdue for a dvd release, I've had the first 3 episodes on vhs for years but now i'll have the whole series, something to pass onto my nephew to remind him that tv in my day was far superior to what there is now...

  3.  awesome!


    I loved it, even the slow first 15 minutes, it's everything I expected and more - I can't wait to see it again on dvd, especially the deleted scenes and alternate endings - more Cloverfield please Mr Abrams...

  4.  *sob*


    the only film that ever made me cry, the final scene in this movie is one of the saddest I've ever seen, it's been 25 years since I cried my eyes out over the credits and I think it may be 25 more before I go through that again...

    Forget Ghost, Titanic, Casablanca etc - this film is a genuine weepy...

  5.  excellent!


    Obviously people with approach this series with caution as the British version is a comedy classic, but I can assure you that the Americans haven't tarnished the lagacy of Brent, Gareth et al, but made a genuinely funny series that gets better with every episode. The first series was pretty much a carbon copy of the original but was a solid introduction, but this series left me wanting more, particularly 'the injury' episode that had me crying with laughter - if you forget Ricky Gervais and the rest whilst watching it and see it as it is you'll love it as much as I do...



    One of the best bands ever! a great introduction to the best party band I've ever heard, no sexist, violent or racist lyrics, just solid tunes, a great horn backup and unique vocals with attitude and a sense of fun, and if you liked this then get hold of 'Don't Know How To Party' and hear them at thier best - BUY IT NOW!

  7.  hmmmmmm...!


    it's certainly a good compilation, but what about 'The Red Strokes' or 'One Night a Day' I would have thought they'd been on an Ultimate Hits cd, so that takes the edge off it for me I'm afraid - although I will still be buying it though...

  8.  scared the cr@p out of me


    I know that anyone who didn't see this when it was first broadcast will most probably say 'it's obviously not real, what a load of rubbish' but to those of us who watched it that night it was the first thing that genuinely scared us on tv, as I was watching I kept thinking 'it's not real' but it kept a real sense of dread all the way through, and the fact that it was filmed as a live show made it all the more real. It took me a long time to watch it again but it should be up there with Orson Wells' War of the Worlds as one of the most convincing hoaxes ever.

  9.  dropping slowly


    I am a huge Scrubs fan, but this series has seen it go more towards the surreal and less towards the story of each episode, this really was JD's series with 90% of the flow going towards that character, the rest are as good as ever but Kelso is now becoming a joke rather than the cynical monster he was before, and Dr Cox's character needs more than the growling sarcasm he's become complacent at being. On the whole it's good, but not as good as previous series, I only hope the 7th is a return to form otherwise let it be the last one and go out on a high.

  10.  paulxl


    I can't believe I never watched the first series, the natural successor to Father Ted, although not as original, it's still the best sitcom to come around in ages, with sterling performances from the whole cast it's another surreal world that you can't help but get sucked into, I just hope the 3rd series comes around quickly.