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  1.  A wonderful film with more than enough extras


    Wall-E is a rarity - A film which is funny, sad, touching and dramatic without ever having to resort to gratuitous means. It's a film which has such a limited amount of dialogue that it had force itself to use the methods of old silent movies to tell its story, and it does so masterfully. There's something to please evey member of the family in the film, from the heartwarming romantics, to children who want to be entertained. In short, this filmmaking at its most simple and very best.

    The choice of putting the DVDs in a carboard case is interesting, and goes well with the seemingly eco-aware theme that the film promotes. Although a novelty, it's suprisingly more resilient than you would imagine.

    On the DVDs themselves, the first disc contain the main feature as well as the animated short "Presto" that was shown before the film in cinemas. This in itself is worth it's own review, as it's a brilliantly crafted piece of entertainment that almost rivals Wall-E for quality. You also have a bonus short named "Burn-E", revolving around a robot that you see stuck outside in the main film, which although predictable, is another short which garners several laughs. There's also a commentary on the disc, which is quite insightful, and deleted scenes which show some of the alternative ways Wall-E could have played out.

    Disc 2 however is alone worth buying this version. It's split into 2 sets named "Humans" and "Robots". Humans is for those interested in the making, whilst "Robots" is more to entertain the kids. The Robots section has a lot to entertain with many of the short promos used to promote the film, and a variety of interactive features to keep the kids entertained. However, it is the Human section which takes it. In addition to several making of feaurettes, there is "The Pixar Story", a detailed and fascinating look at Pixar's history which clocks in at an hour and a half. This documentary alone is probably the best part of the package.

    So this 2-disc edition packs quite a punch. Not only will you owning one of the best films of all times, but you will own one of the most extensive DVD packages to dates.

  2.  10 episodes of Fantastic Entertainment and More


    I managed to buy this at the London Expo, and I absolutely love it.

    The Limited Edition comes in a collector box which shuts with a magnetic door (You'll be entertained where it opens) and contains the Volume 1 DVDs (Episodes 1 - 9), as well as Yoko's badge/brooch, an Iron-on team Gurren Patch, and an LED Core Drill (which lights up green).

    The collector's box is quite nice, and has enough space for what I assume are all 3 volumes of Gurren Lagann (for when the other 2 are released in Region 2).

    On the DVDs there are a handful of extras. Textless openings and Endings, and some trailers. However, the best bit is the uncut version of Gurren Lagann episode 6. This episode is actually part of the episode list, and therefore put in place of the TV version (which is actually on the DVD as a bonus). It is by far funnier and more entertaining than the TV version, with more sex-related jokes than probably the other 8 episodes combined. It actually becomes an episode in its own right.

    So if you are a big fan of Gurren Lagann, then I highly recommend buying this boxset. If you're not willing to shell out for the Limited Edition, the normal DVD version can suffice. To go without it, however, is to devoid yourself of an extremely enjoyable piece of entertainment.