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  1.  Amazing Collection of Songs


    Now 72 is a fantastic package. It contains a group of amazing songs and is rightly the best compilation CD on the market. IMO it doesnt have as good a collection as Now 71 but thats not the CDs fault lol. Its just the quality of new songs isnt as good as it was at xmas.
    That said there are some crackers on here to suit all tastes, from Take That to Lily Allen. The Saturdays to T.I.
    Its all here.
    J-J-J- JJ Just Dance!

  2.  Brilliant, Excellent product


    This is brilliant for those who have some pieces of dlc they want to buy.
    With mine i bought- Halo 3 map pack- 600 points
    - HD movie- 540 points
    Rock Band track- 160 points
    Arcade game- 800 points

    thats 2100 exactly, what a brilliant world lol. Next time i will buy the 4200 card only due to the amount of dlc i want to buy next month!

  3.  Based On Demo


    I was eagerly anticipating this game after i saw a teaser last year. After playing the demo i can say that i was blown away with the quality of this game.
    Every detail of this game shows quality. From the super lush graphics to the excellent vehicle handling and gameplay.
    Graphics first. Barcelona has been faithfully recreated and looks fabulous with excellent light effects and vibrant scenery. The main character (played by Vin diesel) Looks extremely realistic and when on foot has excellent movement.
    Gameplay wise this is easily the best pick up and play action title around. The demo throws you straight in with the objective 'Just Drive Straight on' and thats what you do, and you do it well thanks to forgiving vehicle handling and easy to pull of slides. You soon learn abilites like sideswipes, which are pulled off by moving RS left or right, moving it up performs a forward ram whilst back looks behind.) There are two Special abilities which are performed by up or down on the D-Pad. These are slow mo effects which allows you to use your fun to either shoot cars ahead of you or behind you in a spectacular fashion.
    After the deom mission of blowing up police cars and shooting baddies off bikes, you are treated to two of the side missions.
    The first introduces the 'Air Jack' feature. You start off in a car and your objective is to steal a variety of other cars for money, the better condition they are when you return them the more money you get. The maneuver is easy to accomplish. Hold B when behind a car then release when the marker turns green, easy.
    Next you get to try a race. These are standard lap races but you have all the abilities of the game, including ramming and the 'special, slow mo' abilities. If you're good you can take out every other car in the race leaving just you.
    The full game promises online multiplayer and i can see online really taking off in this game.

  4.  Demo was brilliant


    Just played the demo and i was actually surprised. I only heard about this game a few months ago and thought it looked good. After playing the demo i was amazed by how simple the controls were, the gameplay is fast paced and the graphics are ace. The demo also has 4 player online coop which is a good, fun feature. Only complaint is the camera but i think you can change that i'll have to play again to find out!

  5.  Top Notch Game (Online Only) *ideally 25 quid or less*


    This game is sooo much fun, minus the occasional big head who takes it too seriously and hates you if you arent as good as them. The gameplay is infinatly entertaining, boss infected are both fun and annoying at the same time which is weird but awesome!lol. 4 player online and 8 player versus are both ace modes but SP is a bit bland because the AI is no fun at all!.
    Bought this for 25 quid on Play and for that price it is a steal, soo much fun and gameplay.
    Also the acheivements are awesome too

  6.  Thumbs Up I'd Say


    Alot of people are very sceptical of this game and now the demo is out, many peoples questions can be answered. Having played the demo i can say that i am very impressed with the quality of this game.
    One question people ask is ' Are the controls good?'. Because this game was developed for the xbox 360 with no pc game in mind, the controls are intuitive. 'A' selects units, 'X' moves and attacks, and 'Y' uses special attacks (Warthog- ram, marines - grenades). The D-Pad allows for quick movement to base and battles etc.
    So, easy to pick up and play, but does it play well? This game, concentrates on action rather than strategy, this doesnt mean a strategist wont enjoy it. LB selects every unit and this is the best way to play ususally. Select every unit and send it in, Units and buildings have a health bar and the 3 difficulty levels mean anyone can get enjoyment out of this game. There are two factions- Allies and Covenant, both very balanced with strong and weak units. Base building is easy but a bit limited. You select the area to build the initial 'station' - which is predetermined like ore refinary spots in RA3. Then there are 5 slots around the edge where you can build barracks and supply pods for resources. It may be simple but this simplicity means base creation is not how you spend most of your time and you can concentrate on creating an army of death to crush your enemy- ace.
    Graphics- very good, detail is amazing, animation, while not on par with Halo 3, is top notch and fun to watch.
    Sound- Guns and Vehicles make the noises you would expect from the Halo Universe, and the familiar Warthog noise is present which is nice.
    So overall, a great final album from Ensemble studios, who will now be sadly missed.

  7.  Remember, this is NOT a PC version!


    All those saying 'the pc version is better' are correct. No question. This version is not as good as the pc version in terms of fluidity. That does not need to be taken into account however because this is the xbox 360 version of the game... And it is good, very good.
    Compared to previous c and c games on the console, the gameplay is much smoother with many improved gameplay mechanics.
    The graphics are not the greatest on the platform but they hold their own and the use of colour is amazing.
    The difficulty has also been tweaked, with the introduction of a fourth difficulty level, 'brutal', this means that easy is slightly 'easier' than before. This is no bad thing with many complaints from previous games revolving around this factor. Although even on easy this game poses a real challenge.
    The 3 factions, allies, soviet and rising sun, each offer unique units and powers with makes for interesting gameplay.
    A very good game overall with minor niggles but a great rts for the platform. Bring on halo wars.

  8.  Give it a chance people.


    To all call of duty fans this would seem a step backwards in the series. And to be honest it is but it also takes two steps forward as well making the game just as accessible as COD4. The weapons take a bit of getting used to because they are authentic to the time. Once you find your 'M16' or 'AK47' of WAW then you will be in heaven, i find the online tighter in this game and more engrossing. Vehicles spoil the levels only because a) The RPG is rubbish and b) the levels with tanks in are way too big (outskirts for example)
    I went back to COD4 after a while but found myself returning to WAW again and again. Add this to the coop campaign and Nazi Zombie mode and this game is easily a top multiplayer experience!

  9.  For Battlefront and LOTR fans Alike!


    After playing the demo of this game i was fairly impressed. Being a massive fan of Star Wars Battlefront i was expecting alot from this game and it didnt disappoint. Multiplayer good, once full game is out will be much easier to play i hope. Gameplay, although much more 'up close and personal' compared to SWB is still fun with little slowdown. Controls are easy to use once mastered and the 'Hero' characters are fun to use. The demo had a guy i hadnt heard of but im sure playing as Gandalf and Sauron or a massive troll will be brilliant. 5 stars!

  10.  Wow- Fantastic


    Just finished playing the demo of this game and will be shortly having another go! Having been a fan of the first game i was quite scepticla about this game. I knew that the original was rock hard and i was unable to finish it. This demo is very similar to the original game in terms of presentation but in terms of gameplay the game has been massively expanded. The graphics are truely next gen and the pure satisfaction which comes with slicing arms legs and heads off evil ninjas/monsters is immence. The camera is good despite the speed of the game it usually manages to keep in line with the action. A quick flick of the RT will center the camera for you. No more pausing mid way through a fight to access a new weapon. Now use the D Pad to select potions, nimpo and weapons and go straight back into the action.
    Although i am unsur eof the story, the demo showed a fantastic story beginning to develop.

    Lets just hope the game does not get ridiculously hard later on especially bosses