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  1.  Great last album...


    I remember getting this album way back in the mid 70s and being stunned by the range of material on it and the sheer quality of the production sound. On this remaster, I get the same feeling, so great job done on the remaster. The album does have some 'couldn't they have left that off?' moments - am I the only person who finds 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' really irritating? Also, 'Octopuses Garden' is one I always skipped - but you can't argue with an album that has such a stunning playout in the extended medley on what used to be side two. And not forgetting George Harrison's finest songs: 'Something' and 'Here Comes The Sun'...
    For a band in the throes of a break up and a lot of acrimony at the time, 'Abbey Road' is an amazing final swansong from the greatest pop group there ever was (and as the years go by it is looking likely that nobody will ever come close to The Beatles)
    In five hundred years' time, people will still be marvelling over the Beatles. Have no doubt!

  2.  Not perfect but the coolest album!


    I remember buying the CD of this back in the late 80s and being disappointed with the tinny and thin sound of it. Thank God for this remaster! It rocks where it should rock and it has a much richer bottom end sound to it. I would say though, that most people won't notice the difference unless you have good quality audio equipment. In these days of Ipods who really cares?
    It is my favourite Beatles album even though it is definitely patchy for about a quarter of the album. I cannot define what I love about this album. Probably the sheer scope and variety of the tracks. You can hear the Beatles foreshadowing their solo years ahead. It is a fractured and imperfect album but it is endlessly fascinating and you need to have it in your CD collection, even if to play to people who do not realise just how edgy and experimental the Beatles could be. Of all their albums, I feel the White album is great because a lot of it has not really dated. I also enjoy the extremes of the tracks - from 'Blackbird' to 'Helter Skelter': you don't get more extreme than that!
    I will stop gushing now and just recommend that you buy this because it is the Beatles' coolest album too!

  3.  Pepper is the peak of it all...


    Although 'Revolver' is preferred by many as the best Beatles album, you cannot deny the majesty and atmosphere of 'Sgt Pepper'. It is a band at the absolute top of their game whose songwriting hits even higher peaks on 'A Day in the Life' and Paul's 'Fixing A Hole' must be one of the most under rated tracks on this album. Yes, it does sound dated and there are echoes of flower power all over this, but the melodies, musicianship and ideas are timeless.
    Now all we need is the mono version for sale as an album on its own as I personally think limiting 'Pepper' in mono to a box set only is a cynical marketing ploy. So come on Beatle heads - the campaign for a mono 'Pepper' as a single album purchase starts here!

  4.  Great band - time to discover them!


    Totally agree with the other review and I have nothing to add apart from the fact that I saw them when this album was out and they were amazing live. Singer Jackie Leven still makes very good music and you need to check him out as he is a unique talent who sounds absolutely like no one else!

  5.  Their most enduring album...


    Yes, it has tracks that sound throwaway, tracks that sound self indulgent and tracks that are just plain brilliant. In other bands hands this would be called 'patchy' - but the 'white album' has an undeniable fascination that has lasted over the years and The Beatles patchwork quilt of musical delights is for me, their most enduring albums that might just be their best.

  6.  Great return!


    There are some people who it seems love to hate U2 but you can't argue with this album - 12 albums in and they hit fresh musical territories and they rock out like the U2 we know and love in all the right places. This is a very good album that might just grow to be a great album. Shut up all you U2 slaggers and wake up to the fact that U2 are still hungry and up for it while a lot of their peers have either gone to seed or are flogging the revival circuit.

  7.  Brilliant book!


    He writes like he is sitting next to you in the pub - opinionated, funny, caustic and righteously angry in parts, this book is the best thing ever written by a musician (which he says he is not - rubbish!)
    Buy it and be enlightened as well as entertained!

  8.  Great rock album - get it!


    KOL really deliver on this third album - I don't know why some people on this site are saying it is disappointing - it is just clearly not! Every track is great - how many albums can you say that about?
    KOL are possibly the best alt.rock band out there right now - they get better and better!

  9.  Folly or masterpiece?


    Is this album where the Stones lost the plot or is it where they started to get interesting? The Stones did not suit flower power but remember that psychedelia had a dark side to it and the Stones certainly hit the bad acid trip button on '2000 Light Years From Home'...this album has been called a poor response to the Beatles 'Sergeant Pepper' but its not that at all. It is the Stones getting into some serious drugs and dipping their feet into murky creative waters. I personally think it is a fascinating album.

  10.  Agree - classic!


    It might not have any recognisable big hit singles on it but this album captures the Stones at their mid-sixties peak. It oozes confidence and creativity - the eleven minute final track 'Going Home' is unlike anything anyone was doing at the time. I quite simply agree with the other review that if you want a really classic Stones album from the Brian Jones period, get this one.