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  1.  Amazing


    Hook this up together with KZ3 and a 3DTV and its so immersive! Its takes a little getting used to and playing around with the dead zone settings and sensitivity but once you get your sweet spot its amazing.

    I concentrate on turning with my rear hand and aiming with my front hand. This makes it easier.

  2.  Amazing! I played this with 3D and the SharpShooter


    Graphics are amazing, story is better than the second one and the online is mint! Sharp shooter with move and 3D make this game so immersive.

    Yeah its not Black Ops but its not meant to be. People who dont like this game are the people who own one game for PS3 and thats COD. They dont appreciate real games like this. COD is just the same thing churned out every year by Activision.

  3.  Excellent! Works with PS3.


    Excellent bit of kit. Only needs the USB data cable to power and transfer though a power cable is supplied. Had to use some HP software instead of windows disk manager to get it to format a full 80gb HDD into FAT32. Slotted it in screwed it up plugged it into my PS3 and it all worked.

    Excellent product looks good comes with a nice case and looks excellent next to a PS3/ Black blu ray player.

  4.  Amazing Ferrell at his best!


    Loave this film big Will Ferrell fan and Walhberg has a good part in it too his comedy timings are pretty good!

    Got this preordered!

  5.  AMAZING.


    People who are reviewing this because of no damage etc are mistaken. There is damage but its unlocked at about level 20 its impressive! trust me go on youtube! The best thing is the game is going to get better and better with more premium cars as they are going to release patches frequently already had two and it improved the game loads! Game of the year on ps3 so addictive no other racer comes close

  6.  Amazing!


    So accurate and responsive! Sports champions is so much fun and MAG and Heavy Rain are really intuitive too!
    Ive used this and kinect and will take this over kinect any day. Kinect was buggy, lagged (ALOT) and the games sucked. I highly recommend PS MOVE.

  7.  AMAZING. Really is MGS5.


    The story is top notch.

    The gameplay is top notch.

    Everything! The only thing annoying is no online play but ive got Ad Hoc Party for my PS3 so its all good! Multiplayer is really fun.

  8.  meh.....


    Single player is short and story is awful. so many plot holes. Multiplayer is ok.

    Its just COD4 with new maps/guns....think ill go back to Uncharted 2

  9. MAG



    7 New from  £4.85  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74



    Now that 8000 bugs have been fixed and the graphics have improved it makes it even better.

    When you get a good squad together with a good leader its an immense experience.

    You all have a job to do and everyone helps each other i havent expierienced any other FPS with this level of team play.

    Lets face it Resistance, COD, Killzone there all run and gun which are fun but theres no objective that makes a team come together. In this game you feel you are apart of something its really fun! Had the beta a few months and i still play it inbetween Uncharted and tekken becuase the servers are only on at certain times.

  10.  Father to a murdered son, Husband to a murdered wife...


    and I will have my vengeance in this life or the next!

    EPIC! I love this film. Great acting, cinematography and story. The action just tops it off.

    Well recommended on Blu-Ray. 1080p excellent clarity and bright vibrant colours.