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  1. NBA 2K11

    NBA 2K11


    8 New from  £10.40  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.23

     A must for a NBA fan


    Firstly I am staggered by some of the negative comments regarding this game! I've never been a fan of 2ksports games, but this is a superb game. If your not a huge fan of NBA or understand the tactics etc, then it could be confusing and may prove frustrating. However, if your a big fan like myself, you won't be disappointed believe me. The AI and realisim is first rate, and struggle to think of a better sports game. That's how much I rate it and I'm a EAsports fan! There is so much to do and it's great to play with some of the best teams in NBA history.
    A absolute must have for any serious NBA fan

  2.  Superb


    I simply can't put this game down at the moment and I'm totally addicted to it! At first I really missed using the buttons to make sure you do proper hooks etc, but with the new all control stick you get use to it quickly. I'm loving the fact of boxer share online and photo game face (up load 2 pictures of yourself, one front view and one side view) and it graphically does your face....nice touch EA and something we'll see more in the future I'm sure. Graphically it's superb and very fluent in it's gameplay, the ai is also impressive. Legacy mode is again very authentic but the one thing I struggle with is the training mode and have to auto train (I prefer ff3 training mode). The simple way to sum this game up is this; if you loved Fight Night 3 then you're simply going to be addicted to this game. EA are just getting better and better with sports.

  3.  Fantastic and realistic


    I can't praise this game enough! It can be v.addictive and I can see it being a hit online. I knew v.little (and still do) about UFC, but it doesn't really matter, as long as you know how to fight and it doesn't matter how dirty you are! The career mode is also realistic although doesn't allow you to carry out the training like in Fight Night 3. Graphically it's brilliant, Not yet noticed any glitches such as; a foot going though someone head. Great fighting game

  4.  very disappointed


    Firstly I'd admit the graphics (for a capcom game) is very good, but what I found utterly disappointing is the terrible controls! how can you not walk and aim at the same time!? likewise for other fight moves. Also far too many film clips even for the opening level and lost interested very quickly.

    If your new to Resident Evil like me then I'd say be very careful to buy this game at this price, if on the other hand you love Resident Evil, then you may well be use to it's odd/ deranged control system and love this game!
    I was really hoping for a game to get stuck into but have been left v.disappointed and preferring F.E.A.R 2

  5.  Highly recommended


    Fantastic TV, great picture quality, good looking, and the added bonus of having a built in HDD recorder which can record 3-4 programmes at a time while watching another channel.

  6. NHL 09

    NHL 09

    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £6.96  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.03

     The best NHL by far!!


    I can't rate this games any higher! I loved NHL 07 and 08 but this betters both by miles. Graphics and the realistic gameplay is easily one of the best sport games I've ever played. I'm a huge FIFA 09 fan but NHL's Be A Pro option easliy tops FIFA's if you like the EA's Be A Pro option. It again add's to the realisim of being a pro on the ice, getting coach feedback during the after the game. A nice but realistic touch is the amount of on the ice talking, players saying off side, wanting a pass, the coach calling for line change is all very clearly heard. My only advice I'll leave you with is, if you love Ice hockey and enjoyed the previous 2 NHL's, buy this game because I don't think you'll be disappointed! Excellent game and EA's range of sport games which their best at doing can only get better with the evidence of this game and the likes of FIFA

  7.  I really wished I like it


    If you're anything like me and love GOW and COD but you don't have the patience for games like Final fantasy then I'd think again about buying this game. Stupidly I brought the game from a friends recommendation saying ''it's like GOW" and didn't do my research before hand. Unfortunately It's nothing like GOW in my opinion. What I did like about the game is it's storyline and impressive graphics. However, I found it slow, boring with little action and didn't find the 3rd person view at all impressive (again hoping for a touch of GOW). I really wanted to like this game but with a wafer thin patience fresh hold and 9 hours playing solidly, I didn't get what I was desperately looking for, which was to be addicted to it and enthralled into the game play. I think this game has all the potential to be a good game if you're a person who enjoys games like Final fantasy say for instance, but if you're looking for constant action then you should do you're homework first before contimplating purchasing this game. Maybe I should of given it longer but it wasn't what I was looking for. What a shame

  8.  take your time and don't rush though it


    I'm a massive Star Wars fan so naturally I'd love this game. The story line, which I won't ruin until you've played it, is very cleavily done and makes you want to re-watch the films!. Graphics, the use of the force are all fantastic but this game does have it flaws. Camera angles can be frustrating at times especially when fighting Bosses, the Ai of you're enemies is poor and are easily fooled and lightsaber fights with bosses could be better. Apart from all that I've said it's a great game but don't rush it. Take in the details and destroy in all your path as this gains you more points to make you stronger. The stronger you are the more fun you'll have. This isn't a hard game even on the harder levels but it's so enjoyable being a bad ass with a lightsaber!

  9.  DVD better than the actual concert by a country mile


    I went on the saturday and was hugely disappointed with the concert even with seeing Jimmy Page. Sound wise they were poor and was literally in the same spot when I saw Muse last year. Muse was mind blowing. Dave spent far too much time at his ego walk and with no screens to speak of you couldn't see anything apart from ant size people. The DVD itself is well cut so you don't see Dave messing around on his ego walk, and with Dolby's help on certain tracks the sound quality is far better than being there but I still don't think certain songs sound great with far too much bass in place and it echoes which was the case at the concert. I've seen Foo Fighters before a few times and I don't think it was all there fault for the poor sound quality. I purely blame Wembley Stadium and stadium concerts in general for the poor sound quality. Red Hot chilli's, REM, Muse and Foos that I've seen in closed arena's but also in stadium's (football one's) are all well known for their great live performances, have all fallen short because of stadium's in my opinion. Buy this DVD if you went to either of the concerts because if you was in a simular position to me you'll see a great deal more than you did at the concert and with Dolby's assitances have made them sound alot better than what they really were.

  10.  Quality LCD


    I've rented this T.V for a year now and wanting to buy it. I must say I 've been very impressed with it, picture quality is excellent and what really helps is having a harddrive to record things, Only SANYO anf LG apparently have this in built in. It's a good looking t.v as well which doesn't dominate the room. I'D RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!