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  1.  Light!


    I have a the last version of the Nano, and I love that one but I bought this one for my partner and it is as light as a feather, it makes the old 3rd gen Nano's look like bulky 80's walkmans!
    It is sleak, you can rotate the screen like the iPhone by tilting the iPod, it is just as customisable as all iPods, battery is about the same as the last Nano.

    But the size and weight of it are its biggest selling point, I borrowed it, and had it in my pocket and I thought that I had lost it as I could not feel it in my pockets!

    So overall A fanastic buy!

  2.  Pixar look and learn!


    I was surprised by the quality of the graphics of this film!
    It was superb! the opening scene when it shows scenes of the war torn city was excellent! i was expecting a typical Anime style film and although the action and plot are what you expect the animations are like nothing I have ever seen.

    I do however think that (story wise) there are better Anime films out there like Ghost in a shell or Howl's moving castle, but I do not think that you would regret buying this film!

  3.  4.5 Stars


    Received this on Friday and so far I am impressed, its not been the best weather to charge it up on, but it has charged itself, I can even charge it (albeit slowly) under artificial lights.
    You can also connect in to the pc and charge your electronics direct from that, so I have cleared my office drawer of about 3 chargers!!
    It is also very light! It is about the same weight as a medium sized mobile phone and about the same size as a first gen iPod classic.
    The only issue I have and the reason I gave this only 4 stars is that it doesn't have an iPod connector, so I still have to keep my iPod cable at work, but you can plug in your iPod cable in to the charger so it can still charge it.

    So over all I am happy with this and having shopped around for a little while to get a good bargain I really do think that I found it (it is listed as being up to £35 on some other sites)!

  4.  Calm-a-llama-down


    I am a big Boosh fan and I didn't know what to expect from the radio show, a lot of the Boosh TV stuff is very visual, but like Martito says below, it works and indeed sometimes better.
    If you are new to the Boosh then this is a good introduction to the world of the Mighty Boosh.
    If you are a fan of the Boosh but have never heard the radio show, then this is a MUST! You would not regret buying this.

    They do use a lot of the ideas from the radio show in the 1st TV series, but there is enough difference to keep you interested, in fact you can play the "spot the unique material" or the "What's different in that scene"games.

    Warning! Try not to listen to it it in public, as it WILL cause uncontrolled out bursts of laughter!! And this will lead others to think that you are a little peculiar!

    Overall, this is a must buy for those new to the world of the Boosh and to the already converted!

  5.  3 isn't necessarily the magic number


    I will have to agree with the Ianbit's review below, series 3 is good, had me in stitches at times, has some good catchy songs, who can forget such lyrics as "eels up inside ya, finding an entrance where they can", but if you compare it to the other 2 series it just isn't in the same league, it looks like it has suffered the success of cultdom BBC has given it a bigger budget and unfortunately that is often the kiss of death, I draw your attention to Red Dwarf, as soon as the budget was increased, it's popularity dwindled.
    However, as a Boosh fan I will be buying this and I will enjoy it, just not as much as the first 2 series or even the radio show.

    So to sum up, If you are a Boosh fan, there is nothing that anyone could say here, you ARE going to buy it.
    If however you are new to the Boosh, may I suggest that you start with the Boosh radio show (Audio book) and if you like/understand that then start with the first series on DVD and work your way up.

  6.  Fabulous!


    This is one of my desert island disc DVD's, I am a big fan of Asian cinema, not just kung fu films, I bought this not expecting too much, I had never heard of Stephen Chow, so though it might be a nice little fringe film... How wrong was I!!! It is a great film!!! Has great humour, does not take it's self too seriously, it is a great slap stick film, I took this up to my Mum's who isn't a great kung fu fan, but even she was won over by its simple charm, she then went out the next day and bought a copy (and a copy of Shaolin soccer with my recommendation). This is not a one off, I have lent this to many of my friends, who all, to be honest, thought that they would watch it just to shut me up, all ended up loving it, all ended up buying it.

    I cannot recommend this film enough, you have to at least borrow a copy of it, I then reckon that most of you will too fall in love with this film and end up buying it.

  7.  Good but...


    If you are a Family guy fan then you should like this, I have never seen Star wars but got enough of the jokes to keep me interested and indeed laughing. Ok there have been better episodes in the series, but I do believe that this does hold its own. Now comes the "but", It is a great film, but, not worth a tenner, wait for the price to come down, I think £5 would be worth it.

  8.  Not for Nano (3G)


    For the price this is still fab! however, I have a nano 3rd Gen and unless I am doing something wrong (Quite possible) I cannot get pictures or Video via my TV, It does give sound via your TV. It also gives very clear sound through my stereo I have an old system and it gives a great stereo sound! well worth the money, if not just for connecting to the stereo!!!

  9.  Expandable memory!


    This is not a bad little MP3 player...
    Having said that there are a few gripes that I have.

    1) When using a Micro SD card with this, it takes ages to load it on to the devise, every time that you turn it on.

    2) Also a problem with the SD Card, you cannot use the supplied software to upload to it, so you cannot upload pictures and video clips to it.

    3) It from time to time deletes random songs.

    4) When using the random function, unlike other devices I have used, it doesn't remember what its played, so you can get the same song twice in a row!

    5) The video function is pointless, it keeps crashing on any video clip longer than 30 seconds!

    The good points.

    1) Good battery life.

    2) Very user friendly.

    3) Good picture interface for browsing your albums.

    4) I was impressed with the screen, it was better than some camera-phone screens that I have seen.

    5) Good sound quality, not only have the standard equaliser setting, classical, true bass etc.. but you can customise it too!

    To sum up, I am happy with the player, I am only a light listener of music on the go as my journey to work is only 30 mins, but I would not buy the 2gb version thinking that you can just buy more expandable memory, like I did, I would ignore that it even has that ability, I would instead go for a higher GB version.

    If not a different player altogether.

  10. Ovo


    Peter Gabriel - CD

    12 New from  £6.94  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.94

     Over looked


    This in my opinion is a much over looked PG album!

    It has some Fantastic tracks on here!
    "Farther, Son" is a beautiful song.
    I am surprised that I haven't heard "Make Tomorrow" being played at a climate change type conference.

    The album has some great lyrics and some exceptional singing!

    It is also a story... You can follow the story from peaceful beginnings to a violent middle then back to peaceful.

    I love this album, was never a huge PG fan, but this album won me over, I still think this is his best work!