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  1.  Like watching paint dry.....


    I got this bundled with the playstation and was looking forward to playing it.......... I wasn't expecting much but by God it is boring. It pretty much took the excitement of having a new console away.

    A few hours later I went and bought Battlefield and then FIFA. If I was stuck with only this game I would have probably sold the entire console.

    Mind numbingly boring. Nice graphics though.

  2.  COD Killer


    Been a fan of COD since MW 1 but the series has gone downhill rapidly.... Ghosts was just horrendous. So I thought I'd try Battlefield....I was hooked from the opening moments. It is massive and just better in so many ways.... I am still not a massive fan of the single player on these type of games but the multiplayer is fantastic.

  3.  Brilliant...


    To the people complaining that the picture is "grainy"... It is supposed to be like that as it is being shot by reporters... Remember? Jeez... Some people really appear to have missed the point of this film.

    The actors do a very good job here. They are supposed to be realistic... And they are. It really does look like a documentary crew that has been sent out...

    The film is slow paced in places but if you are looking for an action ... There are plenty others to choose from. This film isn't mainstream at all and I applaud the film makers for what they have done here.

  4.  Fans of the comic willl love this...


    I was an avid reader of 2000ad and was actually fearing that this would be worse than the horrendous Stallone one... especially as this was not very well publicised... I was pleasantly suprised!! It is shot on a budget and you can tell sometimes but they have really made an effort to make a film "for the fans" and totally gone against making another Hollywood pleaser........ hopefully there will be a few more in the pipeline and they stick with the policy of making it for the fans of the comic.

  5.  Brilliant film...


    Really enjoyed it. Very smart and stylishly executed. Would definintely recommend.

  6.  Brilliant....


    Fantastic soundtrack and beautifully shot. Good story and the acting is top notch with some really brilliant subtle touches between the protagonist and love interest.... would definitely recommend.

  7.  Wicked...


    it is more than "violence" that makes this show great... it is the way that the sub plots and stories inter link with each other and the different characters that set it apart...