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  1.  Great product, until it broke in 9 months.


    Bought this for just 75 pounds 9months ago. Nice looking, fanless and powers up and down with the computer/tv etc. HOWEVER, out of the blue it decided to stop working, and after taking it to a computer repair shop I was told (after paying for the service) that there was a catastrophic failing of one or more components in the drive itself, and after spending over a hundred pounds I am left with no drive and no data - losing 800gb of data and backups. Disgusting for a drive 9months old. I have written a letter of complaint to Buffalo and keenly waiting on their reply. Until then, I will be avoiding all Buffalo drives.

  2.  One word = perfection


    I have NEVER seen a blu-ray transfer to date with this amount of quality from an older film. There is zero grain and the colours are truly unbelievable - I cannot recommend this version enough to any owner or a blu-ray player or playstation.

    Stop reading... and click buy!!!!

  3.  Great value for money...


    I have bought around 2000 discs from Maxell from this product range - and seen it go through 3 different packaging (around 4 years). In the 2000+ discs I've bought I have had roughly 10 discs that have been faulty, and that was from two spindles I think. The other 18 or so spindles have had a 100% success rate.
    So at a fault rate for me of 0.5% I have happily kept with these discs for many years. Don't have a problem with them whatsoever - a great value disc.

  4.  An ingenious and addictive piece of exercise equipment!!


    This product is fantastic. Period.

    I particularly love the review below giving it 1*. If you need to spend more than 30 seconds to get it to spin fast and smooth you've got the worst co-ordination in the world. Beginners need to spin the gyro inside with the string provided - which will NOT break if you do it right, you don't need to even spin it hard but it's easier than using your finger. Then all you need to do is twist your wrist slowly in a 6" circle. That's all you need to do to get it spinning. Then match the revolutions of the gyro with a smooth wrist movement and you're away!! Start slow and practice fast, small circle movements to build up the resistance. This Powerball is fantastic, the faster you go the harder it is to spin - I thought it wasn't doing much until I stopped and then had trouble lifting a cup of tea!! It's great for muscle building, injury physiotherapy and dexterity and grip - you won't be dissapointed!!

    Please note - this basic model does NOT come with the LCD monitor which measures your speed, RPM etc. You might not think you'd want it but after you get it spinning all you'll want to know is how fast it's going!!! Go for the slightly more expensive Neon or Pro model which includes the LCD counter.

  5.  A must buy product if you shop online


    Fantastic software. Think of Windows Washer as putting your hard drive in an electronic-washing machine. The software detects and securely deletes any files on your system that is keeping information about you from a session of internet browsing/shopping. The files on their own are pretty useless information about you, but hundreds of them piece together your address, DOB, payment details, everything a hacker needs to either shop online with your Credit Card or sign up for a new credit card leaving you with the bill!!

    Windows Washer finds these unimportant files and deletes them with a 'security bleach'. This bleaching places three layers of letters and numbers over the original text so hackers and viruses cannot use the information. It is the same level of security shredding as the U.S's Department of Defense.

    My first 'wash' re-couped 700mb of memory space from these files! I was on the internet with over 1000 files of personal information in Cache & Cookie files! I'm so happy with this software I'm happy to give it 5 out of 5.