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  1.  Dissapointed


    I love tomb raider games so pre-ordered this ages ago, looked like one of the few good games for ps3,
    I think the were lazy with game play and just concentrated on graphics.
    The camera angles are really annoying, and shooting is rubbish,
    Levels seem really big, but easy. Not completed yet, but hearing only 8levels is another dissapointment.
    I like her new moves though, and graphics are quite good,
    Oh and what happened to lara's house?
    Not worth the money.

  2.  Party mode not for 'decent parties'


    I love having 'wii' party nites and this one is bit too boring, and the ball battles are annoying, Game play is good, putting annoying, but I don't really like golf tho i did love tiger wood on the playstation.

  3. Lemmings


    Playstation Portable

    1 New from  £24.99  Free delivery

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    Great classic game, brilliant playing it on the psp too.
    Struggling to get it on to the wireless tho....but don't know if thats worth the hassel.

  4.  Cheesy


    Well i wasn't expecting much, but i was hoping it would be better than it was. Acting was pretty bad and very cheesy, there were points a thot was getting good but they ruined it again, i also thot u wouldnt c the monster...but you do.
    I loved the blair witch project..thing is the camera thing has already been done and its hard to beat.
    Go see it if you want just don't expect much

  5.  One of the Best Games on Wii


    Superb, Love the game, so gutted when completed it, hope they bring out another (umbrella Cronicals not the same ).
    Its quite scary too.

  6.  Brilliant 2 player


    My boyfriend and i just completed res evil 4 then bought this the next day, we didnt reliese it was different sort of game, but so much better as we can both play it, not so sure bout playing it on ur own( or with someone who just can't play as good as you) but must have for gaming couples like us.

  7.  Brilliant


    Love this book, great funny story for grown ups too.
    My wee girl is coming on four and has loved this book since she was 2.