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18 (83% helpful)

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  1.  Pretty damn good...


    After the disaster that was the 80s edition, I was hopeful that this would be an improvement...I was right! Great song list with the medium level being at least a bit challenging (unlike 80s where I went straight through with 5 stars). Really good songs and the battles are cool and make it different from the others in the series whilst generally it keeps most of what is good about them.
    Minor complaint: You have to click about 6 times when you first load the game just to get to the main screen which gets a bit irritating when you just want to get to the songs! Other (minor) complaint: When going through the menu screens, the controls seem to be a bit unresponsive/slow, sometimes I'm not sure whether it's actually worked or not...
    Also, what were they thinking not making 'Ruby' by the Kaiser Chiefs one of the main songs?! It's the second song mentioned on the back of the box! Peculiar...
    Still, I love this game and am very glad I bought it.

  2.  Oh dear...


    Well this item really sucks! I bought one for my conservatory, as I thought this would be ideal for when I wander through to shut the cat flap etc. at night as it doesn't have any ceiling lights. I thought it would make a nice glow so I would be able to not trip over anything...Wrong! The lightbulb barely lights up at all and you can hardly even make out the shape of the cube it sits in! Not a good buy...

  3.  What a rip...!


    As said before, there was nothing in this game that hadn't already been done in GHII, there are only 30 pretty obscure songs (I grew up in the 80s and barely recognised any of them!) and unlike the two before, there is no option to buy extra tracks as you progress. Medium level is far easier than GHI or II, which is probably a good thing because I had no wish to have to play these songs over and over again to get 5 stars.
    Frankly, unless you're desperate for some new songs to play, I would avoid this game like the plague!