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  1.  Deserves to be watched


    No it's not perfect, and indeed isn't like what Miyazaki senior has produced over the last 27 years. But yes, I believe it's an ok movie - actually even a good movie. It does not deserve to be compared to the otehr Ghibli movies but needs to be considered on its own. And I find it entertaining, and beautifully drawn and animated. I agree that the story and directing is lacking a bit, but then again, am I a movie director? No. As a big fan of anime, I am open to any movie of the genre but have seen some that are truly rubbish - and this one is FAR from that. I'd recommend you watch it to make your own opinion :)

  2.  A different type of FPS


    Doom3 is a slightly different FPS in my opinion. If you have played all time classics such as Half Life 2, you will appreciate the difference here. It's a kind of mix between previous Doom games and Resident Evil 4. It's all about atmosphere, and especially in the first hours of the game you will be freaked out. The game tends to be relatively classic in terms of targets (get PDA of person XX to open door A, etc.), but will keep you glued because even though it's been released in 2004, it's still looking great!
    Other reviewers stated you need a monster of a PC, but I disagree especially by today's standards. If your PC is 2 years old and has a graphics card from that same time, you are fine to play the game at maximum resolutions and details. My PC is from last year and was mid-range then, I can run the game fine at 60fps with all at maximum (ok, I have a X1950XTX, I admit). When it was released, yes it was a PC killer, now, it's a great looking game with average requirements.

  3.  All time classic RTS


    I agree with the other reviewer. This was an amazing game when released and still is. The gameplay is engrossing, and the story telling will keep you glued to the screen. Single player mode is diversified enough since you will play as 4 different races during the main campaign, and that will keep the challenge up at all times, as all races are quite different. The game's age doesn't show too much by today's standards, and you will be able to run it with all details at maximum (including full AA and AF), at high resolutions. And given the price now, grab the expansion pack as well, it's really a bargain.

  4.  Can be a one-off used item


    Before buying this item, people should consider that they might never have any use for it again. Of course this item is necessary if you intend to play your PSOne/PS2 games on your new shiny PS3, but you might never use it again once all saves are transferred, and £13 is a lot of money for that in my opinion, especially since there is no usb cable provided (ok, you can use the controller's). I bought mine for 1/2 the price in Japan along with the console, and tested all my memory cards (only official ones I'm afraid, but with saves from all regions) and had no issues. But I will probably not use it again, once I transferred all my current game saves from games I cannot play on the PS3 yet.

  5.  Best Decide Album Since Once Upon...


    Most people will agree that sicne Once upon the cross was released, Deicide never released a killer album. The time has come again, as this is the best album they ever released. Production is much better, and they finally decided to include harmonies zhich, against what you might think now, do not kill the brutality in their music. Awesome!!!