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  1.  Deeply flawed


    I bought this with high hopes of a soldier sim set apart from the usual Call of Duty style war game. Unfortunately the squad mates AI is not special, they randomly wander off to other parts of the map at will in the middle of a firefight. I could live with this as the thought of playing online with three other players could make up for this, being as you would not need to rely on the AI. Alas, this whole weekend (I bought it Friday, its now Sunday night) I had managed to get online and play once due to the game not connecting to the servers, still online with PSN. Playing online CO-OP was great when it allowed it, everything I had hoped it would be, laying down support fire, two teammates flanking round the enemy, great stuff. Then it disconnected, no apparent reason, just cut off. Not been able to get online since. I will be returning it tomorrow. Shame.

  2.  Very good


    I got a pair of these free with a magazine. They work really well, the r2/l2 still feels spongy as ever but they do work and improve feel. I bought another magazine to get a second set for my spare controller.

  3.  Ok but not the real deal


    Light, feels a bit flimsy in comparison with Dualshock 2 and 360 controller. Works well though, comfortable for long periods but the lack of rumble grates on you if you are used to it. Save your money for the Dualshock 3 which will be here shortly. I already imported one and it cost only 2 pounds more than this one and I got it in a snazzy white! Buy if cheap.

  4.  Sleek and classy


    This is the first Nokia I have owned since that one with Snake on it! I have to say that I am very impressed. It looks classy, a phone for an adult without being dull and featureless. The menus are a breath of fresh air after my Motorola (worst menus ever), the screen is very clear and the speaker is nice and loud so I can hear it in my pocket. Very happy with it.

  5.  Great while it works!


    I have had 2 of these, my sons lasted 2 months, well ventilated, dvd drive packed up. The other lasted 6 months, same problem. I have another arriving soon, hopefully this will be fine. Looked into the ps3 but to be honest, theres no point in having a working console with nothing to play on it! Just check out the release schedule for both systems, absolutely no contest, the 360 has all the titles this year. 1 more broken system though.....could be the straw that broke the camels back. Buy one, but be aware of the potential problems.