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  1.  Love this game, very addictive!!!


    I loved this game on the XBOX 360, so how does the Wii version fair?.... Well in a word its brilliant, loads of new shapes with new characteristics, the 'Wii mote' and 'Nunchuk' are a perfect addition.
    I read in a review the game suffers slow down!, there is none believe me I have been in some frentic levels and this is not the case, the DS version on the other-hand has plenty of slow down though unfortunately.
    It is everybit as fast paced as Retro Evolved (which is also included, and can be sent via wifi to 'Download Play' on your DS without the need of the DS version).
    The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 is because one niggle the save file cannot be transfered to the SD memory card for backup it will not allow copies of the save file to be made.
    If you get the DS version u can unlock an extra planet by wifi link between the two games although there is enough to see and do without this.
    This is a fast paced pick up and play game with a 2 player option, that is very addictive, and you get a drone with various abilities to accompany you, which levels up with new power-ups (ranging from a shield to a turret ect...).
    At 17.99 what are you waiting for? play.com are right on the nose here at this price point.

  2.  The Best Pad on the face of this planet!!!


    U seriously cannot get a better controller than this even the horrible playstation 3 pad is not upto scratch this is truly where its at. (with rumble, wireless, amazing battery life, rechargeable battery or normal 2x AA option) The triggers on the pad are one of the best features that really put you into racing games, or alternatively make gr8 triggers for that feel of shooters. I would highly recommend the quick charger over the play and charge kit, it charges really quick, I think the play and charge kit is fine but defeats the object of wireless when charge time comes, that and u have to have your console on to charge via USB, although battery will last about 20hours....

  3.  Dead Good!!!


    I absolutely love this game it has loads more depth to it than u would first see.... (in say the demo), the game is basically Romero's best film in a game, to put it simple, the game see's u trying to find out what has gone wrong in the parkview mall and u must seek out the truth behind the conspiracy, whilst killing hordes upon hordes of zombies, u will not believe how many Zombie's there are in this game at any one time on-screen, and with almost anything in the mall shops, (in and outside) at your disposal as a weapon, it makes for some gr8 quality style fun that can truly be different every time you play it....