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  1.  Best Horror ive ever seen.


    This film really is cringefully horrific, not in terms of quality of film, but scaryness. I was frightened to death with this film, good job there were 100 other people in the cinema with me, all frightened to death too. No Murderer or other type of boogy man in this film, just sheer imagination. Probably has one of the best endings ive ever seen too. Unbelievably good!

  2.  Psychologically brilliant!


    I bought this just for the fact that Rachel McAdams was a part of the cast, not only that but the main actress. Turned out to be a great buy not just because McAdams is stunning, but the story line is really intense and keeps you interested from start to finish, Craven has taken a different approach to his other films and its worked for him. Very good film.

  3.  Brings out the kid in me!


    This film completely opened my eyes to funny cartooney films. Has to be Disney's best. I honestly didnt believe i would laugh my head off in histerics from watching a animated film, but i was wrong, this has opened the door to all sorts for me now, never miss an animated film anymore. Great Film.

  4.  Very Good Film.


    I did enjoy this film, Jay Baruchel is hilarious as expected, a very good story running through it, and gives hope to people. I hughly recommend this film to anybody as i was laughing out loud. They could have made it a little better in some areas but all in all a good solid film. Recommended!

  5.  Good but what has changed, Really!


    I do like playing Fifa 2010, but i feel like im just playing Fifa 2009 or even 2008. Nothing really has changed over the years, thinking back to the first Fifa i ever bought back in 1994, yes a lot has changed but the past few years it seems like EA Sports are running out of ideas of how to make this game better, minor tweaks are un-noticeable in my eyes, i feel like 2011 needs to have something major changed, take a risk. I still play this game quite often, but doesnt get the juices flowing, and it never did!

  6.  Absolute Quality!!


    This film gets some stick from my mates but i reckon its brilliant. Owen Wilson is his usual Spiritual self, Kate Hudson is stunning. A very funny film which i have now seen 20+ times and it keeps being funny! Recommended Film to anybody.

  7.  Best Comedy Film Ever!!! Hilarious!!


    The hangover was the last film i saw in the cinema, if its the last then ill still be happy because this film is absolutely hilarious, from start to finish. Alan the fat guy is unbelievably funny, the dentist is unreal. All in all a fantastic film and people who dont want to watch this need therapy. 5 STARS!!

  8.  We need another REAL American Pie! Bring back Stiffler


    What an absolute genious film. Probably one of the best films for teens ever. If only life was like this. They could not have chosen better people to play the parts. Sean William Scott is a legend for the role of stiffler and of course Jim, hes perfect for the role!! They need to stop making these new american pie films, beta house etc...because its ruining the first 3!! BRING BACK THE REAL CAST!! I thank this film for giving me S*x Education!!!

  9.  Yet another FM Success!!


    I heard prior to buying this product that it had been completely revamped, layout wise. I dont play demos i like to wait for the real thing. Its amazing how much its gone forward since the first management game i played "CM2", even though that was an unbeliavable game. Its taken me a little bit of time to get used to where everything is on FM10 but i think im there and im LOVING it!! Its annoying me having to work al the time, im tempted to take a day unpaid just to spend some real time with this game. Some people say that CM10 is better? Not in a million years, hence why CM10 is now available for £14.99. All in all a great success, Congratulations on a great version and THANK YOU for creating such an awesome game, i dont know what i would be into without it!! :)

  10.  A must for superman and teen drama fans!!


    This show really has got it all, the early life of superman is so much better than anything in the past, much more realistic (in some ways of course), the good thign about this show is that theyve created a real life for clark kent by giving him the romances and disagreements any drama would have, The superman story itself is good but its not enough to create a show that will last 8 seasons so far as people would just get bored, but the way they have created this programme is brilliant. Im not even a superman fan but this i can watch and become slightly obsessed with. I only watched this show 3 months ago for the first time, now i am waiting for season 8 to become available for purchase. GO FOR IT!