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  1.  Remember to Double Tap


    Saw this in the autumn and really enjoyed it some quality comedy moments especially when he goes through his rule book and an excellent cameo from Bill Murray easily one of the funniest zombie flicks you'll see.

  2.  An epic game Hideo Kojima's Opus


    This game is nothing short of brilliant, having recently taken the plunge with PS3 i immediatley purchased MGS4 at this amazing price and it is worth every penny.

    The game carries on the story of the legendary solid snake in a world that is now controlled by war and nano machines. The game features an aresnal of weapons for you to use and an excellent camoflage system for you to sneak around in.

    The game is about 50% cut scenes which are all running on the PS3s processing power and are not FMVs and look inceredibly stunning.

    You may need to have at least played MGS 1 & 2 to get the story as it is rather complex.

    Easily THE best PS3 game currently available.

  3.  Return to the Star Ocean


    As with previous Star Ocean's this is a majorly underated game, the general plot is that earth is in a right state after WW3 adn mankind turns to the stars for its future with the Space Reconaissance Force (SRF) to look for new planets to colonise. The game features a brilliant combat system with some impressive moves and features. The plot is an emotional rollercoaster nad has some good twists although the facial animations can be a bit doll like at times. The voice acting as mentioned by others can be a bit cringe worthy but you get used to it. There is also a vast amount of play time here so if you love long RPGs this is the game for you.

  4.  Get your Ass to Mars !


    I received my copy yesterday from Play so thanks for the speedy delivery so i'll get straight to the point . Red Faction Guerilla (RFG) is a superb 3rd person shoot em up or blow em up which is probably more appropriate where literally any structure or man made object is fully destructable with releastic material breakage reenforced by Havok physics.

    Buildings have realistic stress points that you can bring crashing down in a pile of smoke and debris on your enemies or yourself if your not too careful!

    There is a massive choice of weapons and upgrades to use in both multi and single player the latter of which is purchased using the local currency of salvage which can be gathered from blowing stuff up or mining ore deposits with your trusty hammer.

    The game plays very well and can often get pretty insane in places with some truly jaw dropping moments and more explosions than Michael bay can shake a stick at.

    In short this game is thoroughly entertaining sandbox romp through Mars that will leaving you wanting more so get your ass to Mars and remember :

    Its better to be Red than dead!

  5.  Not 1080p


    Just looked this up on the Sony site and its not 1080p only 720p otherwise i'd have been sold.

  6.  Solid Space RTS


    Just played the demo of this after reading about it in PC Gamer and i've got to say its just pure class. The interface is easy to get to grips with and the gameplay has a Homeworld feel to it but on the scale of Supreme Commander if that makes sense (without the fiddley movement options). The game also has a long shelf life with one game taking hours if played at standard speed. More polish than a soldiers boots.