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  1.  You get what you pay for


    These are simply cheap and cheerful, if you want to listen to music causally and possibly play a few games on your computer these are more than fine. But if your serious about either games or music or both then i think these will leave you seriously wanting more, these were a downgrade in quality for me and a noticeable at that.

    I brought simply for price however i will be looking to upgrade asap, its true they are not loud, nor is the quality amazing, but it will do if thats what you want.

    They look nice and are non invasive on the desk though my personal opinion the cables are a little too much Also having the base adustment on the base itself causes quite a nussiance if your like me and dont have the base easily accessable.

    But if your paying less than 25 quid for speakers, dont expect them to be the best ever. Good for price though.

  2.  Ok i guess


    I had looked forward to playing this game when it came out, it was somthing different that used kinect to its fullest...or so i thought.

    Although i have had some hours playing it ill be honest and say this game isnt really worth buying at full price, its unique style of gameplay and great music are fantastic...however its just lacking that somthing special to keep you playing and getting your moneys worth.

    I would say that its well worth a look if you see it cheap enough, on sale or somthing but its no AAA title and thats very apparant.

    For those intrested story is a little week too, very few games i can recommend other than this as it is quite unique but keep and eye on the Indie market, they are wonderful and innovation!

  3.  Outstanding


    Ive quite literally plugged this monitor in and all i can say is WOW!

    Its lightweight and simple design allows for plug and play, literally connect and go!

    The colours are also supprisingly strong, and the white is wonderfully bright. Wider than it looks it plays movies and games and i find it has really helped me emerse myself in the media.

    I really do give this 5 stars, if your dubious about the price, i say dont be, i got alot more than what i was expecting for the price i paid 200 pounds is a very sound investment indeed!

  4.  Loading age II


    As per the title i guess you can say this game has one thing that really got on my nerves and that was loading screens, id for the open world (or city) part i spent an equal amout of time on loading screens as i did running from one area to the other.
    The game also isnt as intresting as the previous one, to be honest the game simply felt rushed...and lazy, i think i saw the same cave system literally 20-30 times throughout the game.

    It does have some good parts though, Bioware performes well on the story even though only in the city its amazing how i felt such a strong connection to my character and some of the decisions were really hard to make!

    Combat had imporved from Dragon age origins as well, pity the decided just not to improve on exiting rather than change the majority of what i thought was a great Fantasy RPG.

    In the end id say buy it as you will get a good 20 hours of intresting story, just have a good book next to you for when you meet the loading screens!

  5.  Pretty darn good


    Ive read alot of negative reviews of this basically saying its terrible, i want to say first off this isnt the case. Its true the game can get repetative at times, however the game itself is well balanced and fun to play. There are some wicked moves and killing demons with a massive sword could never not get boring.

    The story is wonderful and intresting yet i was left asking alot of questions even at the end. it really doesnt give too much away which helps for the whole emmersion side of things.

    The range of moves is adequate as is the range of puzzel solving, to be honest i hate it when console games get too complicated with 100's of moves for only 4 buttons.

    Finally for the current price it will keep you occupied for atleast a week which for me is rare considering i got bored of COD in all of 5 hours, this is much much better.

    Give it a go you will like it.

  6.  Reach to the skys...


    ...and beyond in the exciting prequal to the Halo's we know and love. To be honest this game is just amazing, from graphics - Gameplay - Ai - emmersion this game has improved on all we have come to love in the Halo games with very few of the flaws carried over.
    I would be lieing if i said it was perfect however, the odd bug here and there, the xbox being pushed to its limits on performance, there are a few hiccups here and there HOWEVER non of then really matters (atleast not enough to take it down a star).

    This game sees you playing a member of a spartan squad, and is well balanced in difficulty and AI to ensure you feel heroic without being too unrealistic. Your no master cheif, nor shoudl you be, and the game reflects this without making you feel inferior or weak.
    The new weapons and vehicls coupled with some cool upgrades/addons really do require you to use tactics and skill which will set apart the Elites from the Grunts. The story will have you laughing, crying and shouting at the screen with anticipation, shock and awe so to will the beautiful graphics.

    If you dont have an Xbox...then i pity you...get one...its worth every penny!

  7.  GREAT


    I have one...im using it whilst typeing this...for the price its amazing! just go for it!

  8.  A nice game


    Different challenges, it runs well and plays well, controles are odd to start with but you pick them up quite quick. Deffo worth the money!

  9.  A let down


    I was so looking forward to this game, id followed it from teh very beginning of conception. I was expecting fireworks, banners, huge partys in the street...instead it was more like a drunk man in the corner with a party popper!

    If it wasnt the the great yet all too short creature creater this would get 1 star. In short:
    The fun phases were over too fast and didnt have the in depth and frankly fun aspects it could have.
    The terrain was really annoying a buggy getting bogged down far to much.
    The building creator was too much and once again very samey, as was the vehicle one.
    Combat was simple with little to test anyones skills.
    interactions were fun but once again limited.

    All in all a huge hype for a huge let down...i hate to say it but dont waste your money on this!

  10.  Great season if not a little samey


    Ive watched all seasons and number 1 seems the most odd...mainly because they followed the british on too closly and just added an america twist.

    BUT DONT LET THIS PUT YOU OFF! its actually a really really good series, it will put you through alot of emotions and issues surrounding the 'gay lifestyle'. Not too mention seeing some very fit guys :P