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  1.  The guy 2 reviews down is spot on!!


    Ahhh after reading some of these reviews I feel I truly am knocking on a bit! lol..... The AVP movies were made way after the original games and comics!! so lets get that straight....

    This game was never developed to blow the likes od COD out the water or offer epic narrative like ME!. This game was purely made to satisfy the old skool gamers(and fans) who used to play the original AVP over the internet 10 years ago with 56kbs modems lol!!.. I was one of those gamers and this game brings a smile to my face all over again!
    It's pretty much the same game but brought right up to date. Its a multiplayer game through and through, the single player is pretty much a bolt on to entertain when you dont feel like developing a sweat playing PvP!.. The controls are nice and not too taxing, I actually went for the PC version as it was cheaper and the graphics (being you have a decent rig) are 10x better than the console version, also you can have 18 player species deathmatch heheh :P ..

    Basically its a multiplayer romp that is so lovingly devoted to its roots and the original it almost brings a tear to my eye! If your any sort of a fan or have encoutered any of the older games (even Alien Trilogy or Alien3 on the megadrive.. an absolute classic lol) then you will appreciate this game, if your a noobie then you may find it a little too taxing to comprehend but may still enjoy it..... lastly, if you can, buy the PC version as its way more immersive and prettier too..

  2.  It's good to be back in the Terminus System!!


    Gotta say I was a huge fan of the original, I took a gamble on it when it first came out and it was a complete surprise! I loved the universe it created and the KOTOR conversation system was fantastic and totally immersed me into the game.... It's been 2 years since my 6th playthrough of the original and Iv been itching to get back into the world of Mass Effect...

    This second title is bigger, longer and way more detailed in terms of graphics, conversation and quests. which is fantastic! but it has come at the cost of losing some of the RPG elements of the original.... Although Bioware have tried to simplify the leveling system and the way you use your weapons and skills I actually find it more confusing because im looking for more depth in choosing what my character can do and use but its not there, which is a minor letdown... But that said this game excells in every other department! and do not hesitate buying this one.. Played a good 10 hours so far and could easily spend all day just exploring and generally tooling around...... Top draw for any Sci-Fi, 3rd person or RPG fan.

  3.  A very special game indeed!


    I usually write long reviews but I really don't have to here... I thought COD was good, I said Assasins 2 was special but no.. No no no no no, iv been playing games since the age of 5 and I have never played something so beautifully made in all my days, this game is utterly, utterly sublime... If you love video games treat yourself to some of the finest video game entertainment ever created... Totally agree with stuee's review, never gets boring, completely original and jus astonishingly good to play!.... GOTY bar none. I'm not sure even Gran Turismo can touch this.

  4.  Good but lacks depth


    Played this a couple years ago, achievments are nice and not too long winded or impossible (cough, FFXI).. Produced by a couple of the guys who worked on FFX and music done by none other than Mr Uematsu. Some good characters though Kaim is a little stale for my taste (if you stick at the side quests wimpy Tolten becomes powerfull as hell!). That said this game is pretty big but I dunno, it just feels a bit shallow, I feel although the side quests have been made seperate they could have easily been made part of the story and the story doesnt really grip like 7 or X did so you end up level grinding because you know where the story is going and can easily guess whats gonna happen next.. I guess what im trying to say is its very linear even with the "celestial weapon" side quests.

    To sum up its a good game and pretty well made with a decent story, but by no means is this an epic like 7, 9 and X for example.... but as others have rightly said, its an absolute steal at 8.99! so if you want to play an FF style RPG till 13 gets here then look no further.

  5.  Mc G, Michael Bay.... I suggest you watch this film!


    I kinda missed this when it was at the cinema but for some reason I was compelled to buy the dvd and wow am I glad I did.. This film is totally original and fantasically well made in every department!.. The aliens (prwans) and alien weaponry are awsome!, the acting is awsome, the cgi is better than anything I have seen before and the last half hour completely destroyed Transformers 1 and 2 combined!!. If Michael Bay ever reads this (I know he never will) This is how Mech and robots should be done!. You can tell the guys who made this movie are fans of Mecha and robots because the whole scene was flawless in direction, style and drama borrowing heavily from anime and gaming (im convinced Peter Jackson directed that whole piece). Amazing!

    I can see myself watching this movie again and again, pure class cinema!.. BUY IT!

  6.  cant believe people are slating this...


    I have a shiny new PSP Go and as a veteran player of GT I had to buy this game first. I think people are missing the point, the PSP is a portable gaming machine, you pick it up, have a blast in a nice Bugatti Veyron then your bus arrives at its stop and you turn it off. Compare this to racers on the iPhone and DS and you'd be mad to say this is bad!.. If your PSP is your main console your gonna feel very underwhelmed but for what I use my PSP for, an hour long career sesh just aint practical. It still has its spirit and classic GT feel, (music, look, brilliant graphics for handheld and masses of dream cars) it's just shrunk down for portable, easy, fast gaming. I think it's great at what it does!.

    Basically if you play your PSP like a PS2/3 then dont bother as you wont be happy.. But if you use your PSP as a portable gaming device to kill time at the station or on a plane then yeah go for it, its good fun and you dont feel bad for killing the power halfway through a race.

    I like it..... but bring on GT5!!!!

  7.  Only buy if you have a LOT of time!


    Ok, I have been playing this game for about a year and it is very good but it just takes up far too much of your life. You cant just play it for 2-3 hours on your day off and achieve enough to make you play again tomorrow.. It depends totally on finding other players happy to hold your hand through missions to aquire an item or kill a boss. Journies through areas can take an hour on its own so to get somewhere, complete a quest (sometimes requiring back and forth trips) and return can take 3-4 hours alone and thats without looking for helpers, making money, buying gear, dying etc... The community is often helpful but very stuck in their ways and rarely talk about anything else, which is testement really to just how committed you have to be to play this properly...
    It is a shame this game is so long winded as its the best MMO I have ever played, If you have no job and a lot, i mean a LOT of free time to basically live your life online then get it, its a great game but if like me you do actually work and play other games then I would advise you wait for FF14 or just leave it be.

  8.  Perfect for backpacking!!


    I'm very soon off to the land of the rising sun on a gap year to work and explore and I needed a piece of tech that could:

    1: keep me occupied when im bored or lost :/
    2: be able to connect to the internet
    3: play games
    4: small and light enough to carry with me without any dicomfort

    And with the psp-go I've found it... Had it 2 days and think its great! I had a white original psp when they were first released but I didnt get on with it, carrying UMD's was a pain and people always eyeing it up was also annoying, but the GO is compact without being small and I feel a lot more comfortable about whipping it out on the bus for a quick blast!...

    It has a nice bright display, battery seems to last a good few hours and wi-fi works fine (downloaded gran turismo and love it, an awsome game for a handheld).

    To sum up, if you want a truly portable gaming device then this is it. you can argue the iphone is better but its a dam sight more expensive and the games look nowhere near as good as the psp's.. I rekon downloading games direct is the way forward and well done Sony for having the bottle to do it (in my opinion it is the future of portable gaming).

    My only problems so far is the games off PSN are kinda pricey, the web browser cache fills up very fast and game download times are very long, but its early days and I'm very happy with mine.. Glad i bit the bullit and went for 1 but I did demo one in my local video game shop before hand so if you can do the same i'd say its a good idea.

  9.  Good attempt at a sim but it aint no Gran Turismo


    If your a veteran Gran Turismo or GTR player your gonna understand where its coming from and what its trying to achieve but you will also see why it's not as good.

    It feels about right but the penalty system sucks and the graphics look pathetic next to GT5Prologue. Forza3 is an improvement but for some reason again falls short of the grandaddy's of the genre.

    Basically if you prefer fun over realism stay clear but if you like realism but have completed all of the Gran Turismo games then give it a shot.

  10.  A brilliant retouch on an absolute masterpiece!


    First off I am a massive GITS fan and this movie is without question my favorite film of all time... I have to say this is a brilliant redeux, great care has been taken to rework every part of the film. Yes there is cgi but it really adds to the world this film is trying to invisage and takes nothing away from the original!!

    The new 6.1 sound re-recoding is absolutely brilliant!! when I first played the disk on my home cinema I was blown away by the extra sound detail. The chase through the market sequence sounds unreal with all of the bits of falling rubble given attention and the sound of the HV bullits is better than ever.. The picture quality is also outstanding..

    I'm going on a bit now but I really cant stress enough how revolutionary and brilliant this film was/is and I urge anybody interested in cinema to watch it, and this new reworking just makes the whole experience even better!. Seriously one of the greatest movies ever made... 10Stars