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  1. Hugo



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     Extremely misleading.


    This film should be scored based on your perception. It is very well made and has lovely visuals, however the packaging and tag line are misleading. This is not a wildly enchanting and magical adventure film for kids. Whilst it may be a U and not contain anything controversial, for anyone under the age of 16 I can only guess they will find it phenomenally boring. It is a biopic of an early French film director. There is no adventure, no fantasy and it is very slow moving. I would give it 5 stars as an adult artistic film, or 1 if aimed at children so, taking the average here I will give it a 3. Unless your kids are aiming to go to Oxford university or can read crime and punishment at 5 years old, leave well alone and watch something like labyrinth which is much more of a family magical adventure. Fair play to the marketing people who convinced me to pay 13 pounds for this though I wonder if I can get that back under false advertising.

  2.  Avoid like the plague. It wont be patched for weeks.


    Let me be honest from the off - this game is broken and should never have been released. I bought the PS3 version as a gift but now have to return it. The game is virtually unplayable. Anyone who says otherwise has not played it for more than 30 hours (it is supposed to last 300). The problem is partly down to the PS3 and the reason that the 360 is less afffected. The PS3 has less memory performance than the 360 and although its processor is more powerful the memory is what is used to buffer everything. Once Saves get bigger than 5mb the problem starts and once they get to 10 its like watching a slideshow. The game stutters badly and you can barely move. It has been patched about 3 times but still not fixed. Worryingly the fact it is a hardware limitation means some are speculating it can never be fixed without rebuilding it from the ground up. I strongly advise avoiding this and either buy something else, the 360 version, or save the money til the Game of The Year version is out! Seriously this is all over BBC technology pages, forums and may be the reason the price dropped so quickly. Its a class A game that should be the best thing ever released on PS3 but right now you are throwing your money away. The patch file to fix this is going to be huge!

  3.  The best reason to buy a 3DS


    I admit to being sceptical about the 3DS, I bought at launch and was underwhlemed. I bought 3 launch title of which Streetfighter was the only one worth keeping. Then Dead or Alive came along which made better use of the 3D.

    I bought this after it got 10/10 on eurogamer and I have to say it blows every other 3DS game out the water. If you only buy one game buy this, heck buy a 3DS to play this. Ocarina of time is not only one of the best adventure games ever made but it is perfect on the 3DS. I had a lot of trouble with the 3D on other games but this is incredible and really puts others to shame, you almost wince when things fly toward the screen. Its still more of a 3d look into the screen rather than popping out but it is really amazing, clear and well utilised. I cant put it down and I now use it to show off the system. It proves that in the hands of those who know how to utilise its capabilities, the 3DS is another winner.

  4.  Not up to the usual standard


    Whenever Pegg has had to deviate or compromise to fit an American audience the result is never quite as good as if he had full control. Some of these films work out and I found Run Fat Boy Run very funny, but Paul falls down the lower end of his work such as Big Nothing.

    Its not Pegg and Frost who are to blame here but the fact this is an American humour based movie. It follows in the vein of films like the Hangover or Knocked Up where swearing, fart jokes and simple "humour" are the order of the day. Its ironic that as a 15 cert the only people I would think would find this film funny are 13 year old boys!

    It has its moments and there are glimmers of genius but its all let down and borders on farce. There are so many missed opportunities here that Sci Fi and Pegg/Frost fans would have welcomed but they were sidelined in favour of dumbing it down. The potential of a film with Sigourney Weaver in is a major misfire. You have the entire Alien legacy to draw parody from and the best they can manage is an old woman quoting the line from Ripley in the Power Loader.

    Sadly whats done is done now and in all honesty I If you want a silly but enjoyable sci fi movie try spaceballs or if you want a good parody of a sci fi convention then perhaps the best example is Galaxy Quest.

  5.  Couldnt disagree more


    Everyone is allowed an opinion and the previous reviewer obviously wanted things to be revealed a bit quicker. I for one love this new series, I love that Amy and Rory finally get to stretch their acting and emotional range, I love Matt Smiths excentricities that illustrate the fierce intelligence of a timelord trapped in a body it doesnt know quite what to do with and most of all I love the steady drip feed of teasing answers that force you to go back and relive the series to see what you missed.

    This series is more advanced than the previous one. Whilst that also teased you with a build up, this one works on many different levels. Steven Moffat has actually planted several seeds way back that we are only now starting to see grow. I would go so far as to say that he even adapted his stories and characters to fit things laid down by RTD and David Tennant (the last episode of this series is testimony without spoiling it).

    Unlike X Files this is going somewhere and I doubt it will just run out of steam and be cancelled. This is more like Babylon 5 (tho in fairness lower budget) where there is a story arc, all will be revealed but its not for the casual viewer, and the faithful will be rewarded.

    Sorry but this is by far the best Doctor, best series, best companions and best writer for a long time! I was brought up on Tom Baker and I would say that Matt Smith is second only to him. Stick with it and enjoy it.

    I have only one crtiticism and that is that every now and then Steven Moffat slips and throws in something very stupid and childish that takes the edge off the drama and emotion. I know its not super serious but the whole Dalek episode in WW2 was daft and reintroducing an element of that in the last episode of this set was flawed and made the Doctor also seem a bit immature.

  6.  Warning about eye problems


    Great console but if you suffer any visual difficultry try before you buy. I have asygmatism (basically long sighted lazy eye) which doesnt cause me major problems as my other eye compensates and I can see 3d in the cinema just fine. However I could only use the 3DS for 10 mins. I tried changing the settings but any 3d gave me motion sickness and I could feel the left eye trying to strain. It gave me a headache and in the end had to turn it off. It then took a further few mins for my sight to return to normal.

    I am not slating the system but suggesting you try one if you arent sure or have a history of sight problems

  7.  A Balanced Review


    OK if you are watching Resident Evil Afterlife either you are a fan of the films and games or you have made a major faux pas in thinking this is of the same calibre as say Saving Private Ryan. Resi films are not well acted, not well scripted, what they are is really entertaining.

    I am an intelligent person who enjoys a good book and constructive well written films. However I also enjoy a film that doesnt pretend to be anything except an all out leave your brain at the door action fest!

    I have enjoyed every Resi Movie despite the deviation from the original games. That said they maintain enough links for both the gamer and the non gamer to enjoy. Think Night of the Living Dead mixed with the Matrix! This film is unfortunately the weakest of the 4 so far. Thats not to say it isnt good and in many ways its a necessary step to take as this one seems to change pace. The first two had a sense of urgency, the third a hunt for salvation and the fourth is more trying to make sense of the aftermath. Its a slower film with less action but its still thoroughly enjoyable. If you have liked the previous ones you need to see it. A change of pace is required in order to differentiate one film from another.

    Its almost like this film is a stepping stone to the final chapter as you dont quite get to bond with any characters outside the main 3 or 4

    SPOILER PARAGRAPH. This film does set up a fifth film without a doubt. This needs to be the last one and it needs to go out on a major high. PWS Anderson - the ball is in your court

  8.  Best Doctor Who Christmas Special


    Have to disagree with the review below. How can you say you didnt want to watch it, then did, then didnt like it? This implies you are not a long term Who fan. Then you stipulate K Jenkins sings (as usual) - sorry but she isnt usually singing in who! This is a Christmas story with a Sci Fi twist. Amy and Rorys appearance on the ship is explained sufficiently for the story to move forward. The story is heart warming and the singing, snow and everything that we associate with Chrismas in our hearts is included. Not sure what some expect but most seem to whinge at anything now DT has left.

    Unlike previous stories this one is about Christmas and it takes the Dickens story (of which I am a big fan, have read the original and have all the films) and introduces clever alternative interpretations. If you are remotely interested in Doctor Who, like Christmas and can string together a sentence without resorting to text speak then I encourage you to revisit this. Plus the preview of the next season looks set to blow everything we have seen to date out the water

  9.  Killed my PS3 - Beware


    I have a 2 month old 320gb PS3 and this game destroyed it. Various lock ups and freezes which are common knowledge on Google and constantly accessing the disc. In the end PS3 got very warm and wouldnt shut down. Rebooted and its dead so I have to wait for a sony Refurb one - nice one treyarch! Do your beta testing next time. If you are giving this for christmas hopefully there will be a patch that doesnt kill your PS3. Personally wish I had never bought the thing. I looked up the faults on Google and the PS3 version is riddled with bugs and is the worst version. I dont have 2 machines but if you do get the 360 version or hell even the Wii scored higher. Before clicking buy I strongly suggest you research this first. Save yourself a busted PS3 over Christmas! COD fanboys dont shoot me down for trying to help others. This is a big problem.

  10.  Lets get something straight


    Many people I work with think Glee is completely rubbish. Have they watched it? No. I was like this until about 6 months ago. I watched the last few episodes and was hooked. My other half thought I was mad! She couldnt see how it would work. Its like a light hearted Fame. But the musical numbers will have you hooked. Now she is too! Its ironic that the male partner took to this first, even more ironic when you consider Im a black belt at taekwondo and normally like ulltra violent sci fi and martial arts films.

    So what we have here is a cheerful, or more accurately hopeful look at the world. Im so sick of the depressing tv on right now. Eastenders, crime dramas, etc it all serves to make us miserable. Glee isnt realistic, what it is is cheerful optimistic and happy. It makes you feel better about life after just one hour.

    If you dont like this, then you have no soul and I feel sorry for you. this has cheered me up far more than anything else when I feel down.