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  1.  I WANT to love it, but I don't.


    I've loved Mars for....so long, but this album following 'This Is War' feels like a step backwards. Had the albums been in the opposite order, I could understand it. Jared's voice is wonderful and versatile as always, but several of the tracks aren't even proper songs in the sense that there are no lyrics or they feel unfinished. I adore 'Convergence' but there's nothing about it that says 'Mars' to me - any band could have written it. Also the lyrics are WAAAAAAAYYYYY too repetitive. Jared is one of the smartest, most articulate people and yet the lyrics feel very shallow. He relies too much on what I call 'cheap' rhymes (i.e the words are used solely because they rhyme and not because they work)

    Birth - I'm guessing this is the 'Escape' of this album and whilst it's good, I wanted a full song from it, it feels like a snippet of a longer song.

    Conquistador - I love this as there's something slightly 80/90s rock about it.

    Up in The Air - I love this song, but again the lyrics feel repetitive and shallow. Angels/Demons in every song!

    City of Angels - Hate this one. Skip it every time.

    The Race - it's ok.

    End of All Days - I LOVE this one, but on thinking about the lyrics, it's the same problem. They've all been said before in a different order. It almost feels like Jared is 'dumbing down' and that's really sad.

    Pyres... - Not a track. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome and Jared's voice in insanely brilliant, but it's just another piece of music that could have been done by anyone.

    Bright Lights - The song is the very reason I say the lyrics are shallow. The meanings behind the songs are deep, I don't doubt that, but this song just really disappointed me; 'A new day, a new age, a new face, a new lay,
    A new love, a new drug, a new me, a new you' It feels more like a list than a song.

    Do or Die - forgettable.

    Convergence - Beautiful, but it feels like they ran out of song ideas (I know they didn't) and put these musical interludes in to fill it out.

    Northern Lights - I LOVE this.

    Depuis - Again, not a song, random bits thrown together and SO repetitive! Not a good end to the album at all. I always skip this one too.

    All in all, I am really, really disappointed. They work so hard and I love and adore them, but this album feels unfinished and would have benefited from more tracks with actual singing in. Really wish I could be more positive.

    BTW Still get shivers at the start of 'Kings and Queens' - That is what I want more of!

  2.  Awful


    I gave up after half an hour because I was just so fed up of it. I've watched some god awful films in my time, but this was so 'nothing' that I just couldn't force myself to go any further. Great idea. Awful film.

  3.  Awful


    Unless you have someone to hold the thing down, this is completely pointless. The second it faces any resistance it lifts off the ground making it completely pointless.



    These poles are NOT made for poling. They are for posing. Nor are the Ann Summer's ones. Only buy X-Pole or similar as they will take the weight and you can invert. This cheap version will end in injury.

  5.  Awful


    Not only does the story make very little sense (it's based on a novel, so I'm sure they had to miss a lot out), the puzzles are spelt out for you and it is not remotely fun. The interactive element is slightly pointless.

  6.  Too Short!


    This game was brilliant and I really enjoyed it, but I felt like it ended just as I was getting in to it. Far too short.