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  1.  NO DVD


    Purchased this as my wife is a big fan, and purchased the deluxe version solely for the added DVD.
    BUT THERE IS NO DVD. It's a complete con. Paid lots extra for this deluxe version, only to be told that it isn't included after all.
    To rub salt in the wound, I paid the full price.

    No wonder people are going to download this for free elsewhere, thanks Music industry.

    The album is excellent by the way, but lets face it, if your a fan, you'll have the tracks anyway.

  2.  Gorillagard Glare Gone, Self Healing, Drop Fit Screen Protec


    Comes with decent cloth, stickers to remove dust and the Matt Gorillagard.
    Like all screen guards, clean surface and apply. I managed to only get 1 small bubble, but that is a success if you ask me.
    Like I said, it's Matt finish and looks weird when screen is off. As soon as you hit the home key though, it's like nothing is on at all.
    The guard is none sticky, so I guess as long as it only gets dirty, and not bent, then it should be able to be removed and cleaned and re applied.
    It's been on 3 days , not a mark on the guard, others cheap ones haven't faired that well, so hoping the higher price keeps this one lasting longer.

  3.  Western Digital WD TV Mini Media Player


    This media player is tiny, but plays every file i've put through it.
    Connected via HDMI, plugged in my portable usb hard drive and switched it on. Seems to take a minute or so to sort the files out, but pretty easy to use and plays avi, mov, hd camcorder footage with no problems what so ever.
    The best gadget i've bought since my iphone.lol

  4.  Ricco 16GB 01-017 Aluminum Metal Waterproof Bullet


    Bullet is around 3 inches long, so pretty big.
    Looks quite robust, the whole outer is metal, and is well put together.
    Copied a 4 gig file, took just over 5 minutes.

  5.  Great for insomniacs.


    One of the most boring films I've ever watched. I rewound it when it finished to see if I had fell asleep and missed the good bit.

  6.  OK as a key ring, but


    Bought this as a stocking filler. Plugged it in, software was pretty easy to use, spent 40 minutes sorting pictures to put on using the software, then tried to upload them and it froze at 90%.
    Waited, and nothing happened.
    Unplugged from the usb, and re-attatched . Nothing again.
    In the end i put a pin on the re-set button on the back of the unit. I now have a 5 pound key ring that does nothing. Total waste of money and time.

  7.  Not very original


    Think of AWOL (JCVD) and you have the basis of this story.The fight scenes were pretty real looking, but the fight scenes were pretty short and not that many of them.
    Worth a watch. 2.5/5.

  8.  Excellent Product. Tele Support none Existant.


    This Tomtom is brilliant. A few glitches that up to date (Sept 09) are still apparent and reviewer here lists them all. My problem is the 40 minutes i payed (0845 number) and was just on hold and cut off for no reason. Do not contact them through telephone, Contact them through the web site .I'd rate the Tomtom 4/5, customer service 1/5 so i'm going to rate Tomtom 740 2/5.
    Oh, beware, the £7.99 a month for the Live service is a subscription and you have to give 30 days notice when cancelling.

  9.  Fantastic camera


    There are loads of reviews for this camera, so i won't go over the same things. I bought a Panasonic Blu-ray player that takes the sdhc card from this camera and plays the AVCHD movie straight to the TV. I know the carmra does that , but it's far easier being connected all the time and having a remote.
    The video i took was incredible coming from a camera that small.I practiced using it on the beach, and aslong as you don't pan too quick, gave great results.I used mine so that it didn't autofocus, and that seems to be the best way.The sound was also great, i used the Wind cancelling feature, and seemed to work a treat. Waves sounded like thay should.
    The zoom is fantastic on this camera, but being able to use it in Video mode is a god send.
    All in all , i can't recomend this camera enough. Beats my old TZ3 anyday, and that was a brilliant camera too.

  10.  Excellent player


    I connected this player and it picked up the network cable and updated straight out the box. I had no such Joy from my HD DVD player when i bought that, so that was a great start.
    I bought this player so i could watch home made movies taken from my TZ7 digital camera. Popped the sdhc card into the reader and WOW.Amazing .
    The Viera view is also a great little addition.UTube on my big TV,Quality was better than i expected.
    Start up time is a little longer than normal dvd, but can't knock it really.
    As someone else said, to actually get the film playing is a little long winded, but that can be blamed on the people who make the discs, rather than blaming the player.
    All in all, can't fault it.*****