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  1.  Best Lego Game Yet!


    I knew it would be good. Lego star wars was awesome, lego indy was waesome but lego batman is something else! The game is simply perfect. Plenty to keep young and old entertained and the replay value is immense! You really do want to get 100% complete on the game!!

    Love it love it love it!!! Roll on the next lego game

  2.  Practically Perfect in Every Way


    I had been waiting a very long time for Amanda's solo album. Anyone who is a fan of the Dresden dolls needs to buy this record. Amanda is a superb songwriter both lyrically and musically. Her ability to craft Beautiful songs about very difficult subjects is second to none. The album is crammed full of incredible songs ranging from the sublime (Point of it All, Ampersand) to the more manic songs (Runs in the Family) but every one is a masterpiece.

    I have heard it said in the past that Amanda's voice is weak and cracks when singing but this is all part of the charm. Her voice is not perfect in the "classical" sense but in reality the imperfections and flaws make it perfect. Its really hard to explain.

    Anyway the album is awesome and i cant wait to go see her live on the 6th october!! should be awesome!!!

  3.  Not very funny at all


    My sister kept on about this guy and how he was the funniest thing ever and he does ventriloquism with this puppet Achmed the terrorist. So i watched it... and i didnt laugh once... seriously this has never happened to me before. i'm usually the guy laughing at every little rubbish joke but this couldn't even raise a chuckle.

    Dont believe the Hype...

  4.  An Awesome Cinematic Experience


    This game is just simply awesome. It is without a doubt the showcase piece for the PS3. The graphics are amazing, the sound is perfect and the gameplay spot on. Sure the plot can be a little contrived at times (as is the case with all of the metal gear games) but even that cannot detract from what is most certainly the greatest game on the PS3 and the reason to own the console. The multiple release delays have obviously been used to good effect as i am yet to find fault with this game!

  5.  Puts the Fun Back Into Golf


    From the offset you know this is not a "serious" golf game and if that is what you are looking fo then stick to Tiger Woods. Infact the best compliment i could give the game is its not tiger Woods. Its much better.

    The basis of this game is fun. The characters are fun as they all look like characters from an Anime film, the courses are fun with the emphasis on being fantastical rather than realistic, everything is just... FUN!!!!! its quite easy to spend hours and hours on the challenge mode as the more you play the more you unlock (courses, golf clubs, Caddies, etc).

    The online tournaments are also superb and plentyful! The game just has everything

    If you are looking for a golf sim, go elsewhere but if you are looking for a fun golf game look no further!

  6.  Like Marmite.. Love It or Hate It.


    I had been waiting for Assassings Creed with baited breath since seeing stills from it years ago. Numerous delays later the game was finally released and what a dissapointment it is.

    From the start the game looks amazing. The graphics and sound are top notch. The problems come once you start playing the game. Ultimatley i found it to be an extremely slow and boring game that i completely lost interest in after about an hour of playing. I just didnt find it engaging at all and couldnt see the point of playing through the whole game.

    I know many people who absolutely love this game but it just wasnt for me. Try before you Buy would be my advice

  7.  Tomb Raider for the Next Generation


    From the offset you know what you are in for with this game. Its basically Tomb Raider with a guy as the main character rather than Lara..... Not that this is a bad thing. The game looks stunning with beautifully rendered scenery and character models. The sound is excellent and the voice acting is very good.

    All in all a really enjoyable game and a worth a place in anyones game collection

  8.  Alltogether now.. Du Du Du DUUUUUUUH Du Du Duh


    Travelers Tales have done it again. They have turned a fantastic set of movies into a classic game. The humour is just as good, if not better than it it was in Lego Star Wars with all the major scenes out of the trilogy being given a humourous makeover, the character models are amazing, the level design superb and the replay value is awesome as you really want to complete all the artifacts to unlock all the bonus levels.

    All in all another fantastic Lego game... Roll on Lego Batman

  9.  The Force is Strong in this One!


    Just immense fun to play.. Ok so the game is aimed squarely at the childrens market but there really is something for everyone in here. The humour is just spot on, the character models are superb, the level design is perfect. The game has massive replay value too as you really will want to complete all minikits within the game and unlock all the characters!

    Just a superb game and one i keep going back to!

  10.  So simple but so good


    Great little add on for anyone who struggles with their fingers slipping off the R2 or L2 buttons on the ps3's pads. Why didnt sony design them like this in the first place eh!!!