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  1.  First Class - most definitely!


    After successfully creating an origins story for one of its most famous characters, the rest of the X Men get their own origins backstory. And what a story it is! 2 great British actors leading the cast of this movie as best friends who become the greatest of foes just makes it all the better! Kevin Bacon as a bad guy was a pleasant surprise and he made a bloody good job of it. Of course, when an X Men movie comes along, we get to see an influx of new mutants. And the mutants here do not dissapoint!! We get to see how Erik Lensherr became disgusted with humanity, and why Charles Xavier wants to save it. The CGI isn't as sharp as other X Men movies but that can be forgiven as this film is absolutely fantastic. Hugh Jackman's 8 second cameo is a must-see just for the one line he has in the movie. Let's hope this is the start of an X Men origins trilogy because they have done very well with this story. I also love the fact they didn't have to buy into the whole 3D thing to sell this movie. Don't get me wrong, I love 3D, ive got it at home, but it's refreshing to see they could make a movie this big without throwing every element at it to turn it into a cash cow. Absolultely brilliant!!

  2.  Amazing!!


    Jurassic Park is my all-time favourite film and when I first watched it on Bluray, I was blown away! The transfer to Bluray is a lot better than I expected it to be, and the sound quality is second to none! Obviously the films speak for themselves, the first one being epic, second being an obvious sequel, with more action and a little less substance. The third film I wasnt very happy with at first but its a great way to re-visit old characters in Dr Grant and Ellie and is also a good way to waste an hour and a half! All in all, a great addition to the collection and i just hope they don't squeeze it for all its worth and ruin the trilogy by transferring them to 3D. The old JP movies dont need 3D but maybe JP4 will. Who knows? Roll on 2013 for Jurassic Park IV.

  3.  Next stop - The Avengers


    Although being called 'The First Avenger' this movie is the last Marvel film before the actual Avengers movie is released. I was quite worried when Chris Evans was announced to play Steve Rogers as he had already played a Marvel superhero before, The Human Torch from Fantastic 4. But, its like he was born to play the Cap. This film covers all bases - action, adventure, romance, sci-fi, you name it, its in here in glorious 3D! Hugo Weaving as Red Skull - genius! And the way this film leads you directly into the Avengers movie (if you stayed until the end of the credits you'll know what i am on about) is fantastic and even gives you a taste of what to expect in the Avengers film with a little teaser trailer at the end. Overall, definitely the best action film of the year, bar none, Only slightly better than Thor. Now we just have to wait until April 2012 to see them both together on the same screen :) If this movies anyhting to go by its going to be epic!!

  4.  Marvel has done it again!


    Personally, I think Marvel only made this film because they wanted to make the Avengers movie, and they couldn't just throw Thor's character into that movie without answering some questions. Well i'm glad they did! I love Marvel and the way they have led up to the Avengers movie is brilliant! This flm blew me away, i never knew Thor was this awesome. The action is fantastic and the way the director, Kenneth Branagh, switches scenes from Earth to Asgard, back to Earth is a class act. Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Thor's father was inspired casting and i think Chris Hemsworth is going to become the world's next big action star. This movie was a pleasant surprise, made only better by the 3D Edition. Buy it - you won't be dissapointed!!

  5.  Hope for a sequel!!


    To start, this movie was never going to be a massive hit and thats only because the Batman and Superman characters are the frontrunners of DC Comics. That said, i personally think Green Lantern, and this movie kicks ass!! The story was only meant to introduce us to the character which i think it did very well. The action is brilliant, even if the villain wasn't very super, and died kind of easy for a planet destroyer. Overall, you've gotta hope for a sequel, because the action will be twice as good and the villain will be better and stronger. If the ring he possesses has endless possibilities, then so will Green Lantern 2 - should they make it. Also the 3D is good, not brilliant and the extended cut is only in 2D, but its still worth paying the extra few quid.

  6.  AWESOME!


    This review may be a bit biased because i love fallout boy but this album is immense! Its a bit different to their last release (infinity on high) but it is still awesome. I can't wait to see em in march at the 02. Its gonna kick ass!!!

  7.  It Rocks!!


    After Revolver i thought guy ritchie had been spending too much time with madonna, as it was poo. But then you read they were having problems then this was released. I loved every minute of it. The comedy, the action, the story, the characters all roll in together to make a perfect gangster movie. Not as violent as other gangster films, but just as smooth, slick and dare i say it, cooler! Fantastic film

  8.  Most disappointing movie of 2008


    I loved the mummy, liked the mummy returns and i was looking forward to this 1 as i knew it was gonne be made. Then i heard jet li was in it and i got really excited. Even the trailer made it look awesome. Alas, i paid the extortionate price of £8 to see this trash. Evie is played by a different woman who a. Is a bad actress and, b. Cannot put on a british accent to save her life! The couples son looks as old as his dad and they just seemed to 'kid-ify' this movie. The first mummy film had its scary moments but this is a childs film! So disappointed and i read somewhere 3 more mummy movies are in the pipeline. God help us!!!

  9.  Not Payne-ful at all


    I have been anticipating this movie for ages and i finally saw it at the cinema and i loved it. Wahlberg wouldn't have been my 1st choice but he pulls it off very well and Mila Kunis does ok as Mona. Story is close to the game as is its film noir feel. Bit of a mix between sin city and die hard but it brings the game to life brilliantly. Also, the scene at the end of the credits leads into a sequel. I just hope they decide to make it. Top notch action movie

  10.  Godzilla who?


    Let me start by saying i loved Godzilla and hated blair witch and the idea of mixing them both scared me. I was, however, looking forward to this release like most Americans and i wasn't disappointed. I loved it. Best monster movie i have seen and i think the producers did a great job by not letting too much be shown on the trailer. Other films have started jumping on the 'camcorder' bandwagon, like diary of the dead (which was actually very good), a carbon copy of diary of the dead called .rec, and quarantine, which is awaiting its release. This, however, will remain the best. One and only problem with this film though is that it was too short at 1hr 15mins. Still 5 stars though