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  1.  Lovely case


    I'll agree with a previous reviewer about the lip around the edge but it's not that bad. May vary for different people. It's a nice shiny/matt blue and clips on easily. If you don't look too closely, which people shouldn't be, then it looks great.

  2.  A bit childish?


    I bought this for myself. I'm 25. It's just like the 'Get a life' t-shirt but I prefer the colour of this one. I had a young boy come up to me and say 'cool t-shirt'. Probably not the attention I wanted but it IS cool.

  3.  Bright


    I got this in small and I have to say that small is the new fat. I'm a small framed person however this isn't quite te snug fit I'd like. Looks fine but still. Very bright green aswell which can dazzle an onlooker. Great picture though and atleast it makes me laugh.

  4.  good for the price


    Im using these on my ipod touch. Ipods arent known for the best audio quality but ill bass my review on this. Excuse the pun. Firstly the earphones stick quite firmly in my ear as it has the choice of different sizes and wont just drop out. Second thing i noticed was the treble was so high i had to reduce it using the eq on the ipod. Treble is far worse to human ears than bass. Speaking of bass, where is it? Its not totally flat but when trying to boost the bass it just distorted at highish levels. Because i ruin headphones every month a tenner was a decent price to pay and the quality reflects that. Buy them if you arent particular about clarity.

  5.  For the price it's ok


    Though not amazing, there isn't too much too expect for the price. The sound is atleast clear at high volumes and beats my old Gear4 House Party dock. It's slightly larger than I expected to but not so much that it takes much room on the kitchen surface. The fact that it comes with a digital radio tuner is great, though the arial isn't.

  6.  Very user friendly


    I have a PS3 but I bought one of these as something the family can play when they are round and something I can switch on and get straight into playing. Incidently the web browser is quicker than the PS3 and easier to navigate. The glossy black finish camouflages the Wii with my LCD TV which is probably why I bought one. Seems more sophisticated than a white Wii. After using the Balanceboard for half an hour I can easily build up a sweat and although I feel like an idiot it is a lot of fun. I plan to get some more games to play online with my family.

  7.  Disgusting sound quality


    I bought these to replace my Sony MDR-EX85 which were amazing until I got them wet. First second I tried these on the quality was comparatively dreadful. Yeah they are loud but you wouldn't want them to be because the frequencies are nasty. One word; Pssshhhhttttttt (High-Mid frequency sound). I'm a music producer and know bad sound quality when I hear it. I'll try find some more Sony MDR-EX85 which were actually cheaper!

  8.  A MUST have


    I bought this because I was rather disappointed with FEAR2. Most graphically pleasing FPS on the PS3 or on any system I believe and the sound is great to. Even on a still shot you can't help sometimes think. "Is that a photo?" The single player missions are full of gun fights and having to slowly push your way through enemy blockades. You will find yourself pinned down alot of the time online or offline. There are some parts where you use walkers or turrents and it would be great if they added these in online play to. I was playing an online game with 32 people. My team simply was overwelmed and pinned to our base. We couldn't get move at all but I actually found that seriously fun. You don't just run into a group of players and shoot them and die. You have to use cover and take your time. Working as a team is the only way to win. Unlike I found with FEAR2 there is no lag on Killzone2. People don't suddenly appear on the other side of the map it's as if you were playing over a local network. I never played Killzone1 but this is a very addictive game.

  9.  Not as good as the demo portrayed.


    Ok I loved the demo. it was scary, looked good and had some cool guns. Basically what you see in the demo is pretty much what you get all through the game. That's actually a bad thing. Nothing shocked me. Nothing made me scared. I thought this was supposed to be horror? More like shoot as many soldiers as possible which let's face it, using slow-mo makes it easy. I played this through on hard and completed it in 3 days. I couldn't believe it had ended. It's not like I was on it all day either. Online is a joke. There is a serious amount of lag so you see players shooting thin air trying to hit you even though you are standing next to them. It's a great game but a huge disappointment in my opinion. I can imagine some sort of patch to fix that will come out.


    Nice graphics
    Smooth play
    Lots of gore


    Too short
    Bad multilayer
    Not remotely scary
    Not even challenging

  10.  Yum


    I only bought this when GTA4 came out because there wasn't that many decent games out on the PS3. This is one of the best and there are more to follow soon like Wipeout HD, Metal Gear4 and Buzz! Because this is hooked up to the internet you are never playing alone and add ons and updates are always being released for games. I love mine. You'll love yours to.