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  1.  Fun, enjoyable but let down


    Spore is a great gaming experience, especially for younger players, but for adults too. As ever with Maxis games, the presentation is excellent and the game is very well polished and it has a light hearted and amusing approach to natural selection.

    The game is divided into several stages, and each stage has it's own unique style of gameplay and lasts just about the right length of time, you are unlikely to get bored.

    If you start the game as a herbivore or a carnivore for example will greatly effect how your species plays the game in future, and ads depth if you want to start a new game. Overall this is an addictive and satisfying game to play.

    Two major things let this game down, Firstly you can only install it 3 times then you are forced to buy another copy.

    Also and astonishingly there is no autosave feature!! so i progressed to the space stage (the most advanced) and guess what happened? It crashed and I lost ALL of my game data, such a pathetic flaw you would not expect in a game these days, it's like designing a car with no brakes. What were they thinking?

    Anyway if you play, remember to save regularly!

  2.  good fun, but pointless?


    This game uses the excellent motor 2 engine which powers GTR, GTR 2, GT Legends, and of course rfactor. So why buy this game instead of those other titles? Firstly it is nice driving the official WTCC. Secondly....errm...no that is about it.
    It's disappointing that this game does not have other series such as BTCC or formula 3, instead it is very limited in what it has to offer.
    They couldnt even afford the license for the GP2 series and instead have some outdated f3000 series in the game. Yes the game engine is fantastic for it's realism in both physics and graphics but Rfactor for example does the same and is infinately customisable with many many different car mods available, it has far more lifespan.
    Only buy this if you are a fan of WTCC, otherwise i think you will be bored quickly, a great shame.

  3.  Steam is a stain on this glittering game


    I bought this game, installed it. I have an average internet connection, (2mb) now i have to twidle my thumbs for 3 and a half hours waiting for steam to update the game. And this is for just Half life 2 on its own. why arent all the updates included???
    Oh well, its a brilliant game, but this really ticked me off

  4.  great but deceptive


    The picture shown has spongebob's face being quite large plaster all over the front of the T shirt. In reality though his face is a lot smaller which was a bit of a disappointment. But otherwise it's great.

  5.  Worth the money


    I like this T shirt because it's bright, and in your face. I bought the small one which is a snug fit and does not hang loosly in odd places which is often the case with some T shirts.
    I've had many comments about it too :-)