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  1.  good... but not for everyone.


    this version of the film is cut by four minutes..11 seconds.
    the American version is cut by 1 minute..

    not sure how someone who commented previously on this film, see this uncut.. as the only version that is fully uncut is the danish theatrical cut. and its not English friendly..(no subtitles. .
    if it was in a uk cinema and passed by the bbfc.. it was not uncut.
    the danish version is available on blu ray .. unfortunately it has no english subtitles.. .

  2.  cool led's but thats all,


    after having used wireless controllers from day one of owning an xbox360, i did a bit of research on the net and discoverd that you can reduce gamming lag by using a wired controller instead of a wireless one, which i found out has a about a 2 to 3 mili-second delay,, you may not think thats not an issue but when you play cod it does, so i decided to buy a wired controller.. the controller itself feels slightly smaller than the official pad, which is prob why the messenger pad doesnt fit on it. the led's are very bright and do look nice,, you can turn them off, or just have them set to come on when the pad vibrates.. all in all feels nice and light.. now the downside.. the analogue sticks feel to loose to the touch and seem rather delayed in movement with first person shooters. i even changed my movment settings on cod to compensate this but it did nothing but made it worse.. so if your after a wired controller for cod,, go for the official one.. not this.. however if you want to use it for other games it seems fine.. so. its nice and bright, feels good in your hands,, but lacks precise movment with the analogue sticks.. be warned..

  3.  great t shirt.. but short


    i have a bout 5 marvel extreme t shits. they are really nice quality and are very comfy.. howerver the only downside with these shirts is the lenth.. for some reason there all rather short in the body. im a not a big guy, but i had to buy all mine in large as the bodys are so short, they only just past the waist of your jeans.. so if you do choose one of the marvel extreme make sure you buy a size larger than what you are,, to take into account the short body lenth. apart from that there really awsome t shirts and the designs are very good.. enjoy...

  4.  special features


    this and the other boxset have minimal features.. if you want the full featuers and extras like lying dice game and making off, you need to buy the 2 disc special editions that are only avaliable seperate. hope this helps.

  5.  back in stock!


    went to buy this dvd set a few months ago. but alas i was to late as it was a limited edition. but here it is back in stock!.
    the tin is excellent quality and if you have the 1st and 2nd gig box sets they both fit in the tin. the t-shirt is a large size. and the tachikoma model i got was blue. (nice)
    get yours now before they all go.

    shame they didn't make a tin for the first gig.

    excellent series great storys and great animation!