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  1.  What?


    I nearly died when I saw this .... All my dreams come true.... Ahhh but then read description.... A remote controlled " balloon" how disappointing and for 40 quid then you have to take it to the florist to be pumped up..... Hhmmm excuse me love can you inflate my large flying great White shark please" .....

  2.  Hhmmmmm not as good as I thought


    The film it self was ok not as good as some of the others the killings didn't seem to mix properly with the main plot of the film and to me it's wide open to start again so maybe this won't be the end of the legacy ..... As for the 3D I was really really disappointed I didn't even get a depth feeling in the picture and as for gimmicky poppy out bits I think there were 2 that didn't even work the best bit of 3D were the opening titles ..... So to maybe save money just go for the norm blu ray or DVD version but still get it if you liked the others it's still worth a look

  3.  FIGHT!


    I used to love mk but fell out of love with fighters full stop and after playing the demo of this has ignited an old spark it's mk reinvented back to basics but better visuals solid moves gruesome fatalities just simply love it love it love it ...... And that's just going off the demo! Can't wait to get stuck into it .... Just hope online play is better than other fighters in past

  4.  What's all the complaints about?


    I don't know why this ear piece is getting all the flack . . . My ears are rubbish for headphones fitting in , but, this sits nicely on the ear and I find it quite comfortable, the sound quality is good but not as good as my turtle beach but good enough to offer me a quick mic to save me unplugging my turtle beach from upstairs station to downstairs.
    Like one of the other reviews said there is a real annoyance with this set hence the 4 stars and that is when you've got the mic muted you get a double beep in your ear every 30 seconds or so.
    All in all I would recommend this product to all.

  5.  The Original is always best


    This is one of the reasons remakes should really not happen the new nightmare(the 2010 release) was a joke and new freddy is not a patch on R. England i've just ordered this for my collection as it was one of the first ever horror's i ever watched as a young lad

  6.  Great Film


    I cant comment on the quality of the picture/sound but im sure it'll be great . . . but as for the film i totally did not expect it . . . its totally classed best thing i've seen in a while horrible start but by heck does he make them pay!!! "im gonna bring the whole corrupt thing down!!"

  7.  When you crack open this blu ray all hell will break loose.


    and Gobber's undies. . . ha ha if you've seen the film you'll understand . . . if not, you will when you buy and watch this film because thats exactly what you need to do . . . stunning visuals great story amazing characters 10/10 for me, love this film all round. although it probably wont be as good as the cinema i hope they include the 3D version on the disk i think that would be awesome! (anyone think snotlout looks like jack black)?

  8.  Great Stuff


    Really not surprised, i love guy richie films and although in a different light it still had good old richie fight scenes mixed with brilliant witty humour and great realationship between Jnr. and Law i cant say anything that hasn't been said already loved it you have to watch and already recommended this to my family and friends

  9.  Nearly the best kombat yet.


    The reason i say nearly is for the fact that they've included that rubbish drop an arcade machine on your head fatality that lui kang executes its rubbish!!! Other than that i thought this game was amazing its got a great story mode for each set of characters great arcade mode where you can choose one set of characters to fight or mixed i havent tried on line yet so i cant comment but all mk fans will love this game and any beat em up fans will love this title its by far in my opinion the best fighting game so far on ps3 would love to see a follow up with some more hidden/unlockable characters like some of the x-men hint hint mr boon