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  1.  short but very good


    This game is very good but is just too short.

    Hopefully an xbox live download could bring new maps, weapons and special infected into it.

    Campaign in single player is quite boring to be honest so only buy this game if you are planning to play online or with your freinds as it is one of the best online games to play!

  2.  Great Film


    This film is very good, great setting and location, good atmosphere and decent acting. Acting by john legiuzamo is top notch! A bit weird in a few places which just adds to the way this film pans out.

    Saw this film on channel 4 quite a few years ago but didnt watch it all the way through. Finally bought it and enjoyed it very much.

  3.  legend


    This man just gets funnier and funnier every time i see him.
    Dont know which is better though, this or live at cardiff.

    You decide!

  4.  one funny guy


    The cockney sketch had me in tears!!! Lee mack is very funny, he needs to do a new tour though and get a few more new jokes!

  5.  hooked


    Love this game. Ive not played the previous fallout games or have any idea what they were about.

    In my opinion its better than oblivion, i just couldnt really get into or be bothered with oblivion but this game has got me hooked.

    Im only 16 hours through and only completed a few quests. I have been sidetracked stealing and selling items to pay for my mentat addiction!!!

    However im still undecided with what to do with the bomb.......

  6.  Cheap


    Saw the same one at stanstead airport for £85.00!!!!!!!!! Absolute joke when you can buy it from here at this price.

  7.  Hadouken!!!!


    Excellent for the time it was made in.
    Love the fight scenes, good animation and the voice acting is not to bad either.

    Would have been even better if bison recruited akuma to fight ken and ryu......

  8.  better than Pro.


    Finally been converted from pro.
    Been playing pro since it was iss on the playstation and iss64.
    Its now lost its way and looks washed out.
    Fifa has evrything you need and more. Graohics are good gameplay is fluid and the build up play and set pieces work well.

    Only a few niggles though. Cant switch players when the ball is in the air!!!!!!! Frustrating and also when defending and you want to switch players it never selcts the one you want even when you set the selection to manual.

    Overall its fifa all the way

  9.  What GTA should have been


    Game is madness.
    Side missions are quality. Been playing mostly co-op and 50% through the story.
    Few glitches but not enough to spoil it.
    The weapons you get are prob the best ive come across in a game, especially the pimp slap!
    Also throwing people off roofs and into the paths of cars is always fun. Hope they bring out downloadable content in the future.

    Gta can sit down for now!

  10.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    What a boring film. Hardly any fight scenes, slow moving film that i couldnt wait unitl it was over.

    Bought it on the back of it having similar fighting to ong bak. I think they left that bit out of the film