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    Just seen it on cinema. What Special effects. !!!.brilliant soundtrack....

  2.  Awful movie


    Fell asleep. Ruined the story. Think they tried too hard to capture the animation series.

  3.  UP is AMAZING


    This disney movies is a brilliant movie. I took the kids, never laughed so much. A touching story of how different ages come together and can co-exist. Cannot wait for the blu ray version.



    A simple story with a simple concept, set in India backdrop. Excellent direction, well acted. The soundtrack is awesome

  5.  Golden compass


    No very good movie, at one point I saw my kids yawning. I am told the books are far better. Seemed to me they rushed the films. The polar bear scenes are good and best bits, everything else is poor and appears to jump around in the plot.

  6.  This is amazing animation and relentless action


    Here we go again...nothing new in the base of the story. Revenge theme,....!!! BUT the Anmiation and as the story unfolds, the jive talkin Smaual L Jackson and others let rip the swearing and jibes to each other.....this is certainly hip and new....the fight sequences are amazing. This DVD is cool, the movie is spread across 4 key episodes and some flashbacks to the youthful days. Ron Pearlman is perfectly cast.

  7.  Excellent movie with a tense environment


    This movie really brings back the tense environment in space. The concept is excellent and Danny boyle has directed it very well. the special effects are amazing, the scarifices are real and decision to be made to save humankind are cold and realisitic. All are heroes and there are some villains. the special effects are amazing.

  8.  Brave and Well executed


    I must say, his pulled it off....this is a solid finale to the character and very fitting. Sly has taken the story back to the roots (dont get me wrong, 2,3,4 were good movies) and focussed on the depth of the character. the fight sequences is awesome and would definately have this one in my collection.

  9.  One for the boys.!!!!!!


    seriously....this is awesome stuff and what makes going to the movies with your mates worthwhile.....set in an excellent historical context (althought slightly overhyped), the fight sequences are amazing, the special effects are well balanced and the ending is worth the wait.....

  10.  How to destroy a great franchise, in time for the summer!


    I must say the first one was indeed the best. the second one dragged on a bit and the third one...well I fell asleep. the story was mixed up, characters dont think they knew what they were doing and who is on whose side. This is a classic hollywood disaster and destruction of what could have been a great franchise and great story telling. Sadly, Hollywoods rush for the summer season probably meant they compromised the story, chartacter depth and a spent all the moneies on special effectes again..